YG Marley presents his new single “Survival” on the jimmy fallon show

YG Marley and Lauryn Hill on the Jimmy Fallon Show

After the premiere of his successful debut single “Praise Jah in The Moonlight”, YG Marley presented his new single called “Survival”, a wink to his grandfather, Well, it is the same name as the eleventh album of Bob Marley launched in October 1979.

The new song features a riddim inspired by “Ambush in The Night”, one of the tracks from the aforementioned album, and his songwriting credits include Bob himself and YG's mother, Lauryn Hill

A) Yes, This new song by YG Marley continues the tone of his first hit, in which he uses a sample of the song “Crisis” Bob Marley's album So of 1978 and alludes to other songs of his grandfather such as “Coming from the Cold” O “Guiltiness”.

In the case of “Survival”, YG combines ideas from the song “Babylon System” Bob Marley, which is also part of the album “Survival”, with the phrase “we are who we are, and that’s the way that it’s going to be” (“we are who we are, and so it will be”) maintaining that connection between generations of Marleys.

And the presentation of this new song YG Marley It was big since it made its premiere on the popular United States television program “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, in which Lauryn Hill performed alongside YG Marley.

YG Marley's debut in music with “Praise Jah In The Moonlight” It has been a great success, with millions of views on different platforms, and also with an important presence in different rankings, like the position 34 an el Billboard Hot 100, the 20 on Billboard Canadian Hot 100, the 5 on the UK Singles Chart, the 1 on the New Zealand Billboard Songs chart and the 11. on Billboard Global 200.

Watch YG Marley's performance with his mother Lauryn Hill on Jimmy Fallon's show here.