Bunna Cafe: The African corner in the Cajon del Maipo longer meets 3 years

Coffee is a drink known worldwide, relatively recent discovery - the earliest known data dates from around the 15th century -, has its origin in Africa, more precisely in Ethiopia and more specifically in Kaffa province, hence the name “café”.

According to the tradition, Shepherd Kaldi noticed energizing effects on his herd of goats after they nibbled on some bright red berries from a certain bush - the coffee tree.. The shepherd took these berries to a sage, where by chance they fell into the fire, emerging an attractive aroma that has conquered millions of people to this day.

That culture teaches us the Bunna Cafetería family, a corner of Africa in southern America, in a beautiful spot nestled at the entrance of the Cajon del Maipo, the one who just turned his third anniversary.

A great family and dance party was the context of the celebrations of this cultural project, that although he moved from another place in the same sector, remains a benchmark of black culture and Rastafari culture, with various musical activities, gastronomic or exhibitions throughout these years.

“The three years reflect faith in what you are doing, confidence in the proposal: Bunna Cafe, family cultural project, café, good vibes, reggae”, says Jordan, the host and promoter of this project.

An Ethiopian jebena.

The coffee ceremony, a true rite of Ethiopians when it comes to sharing this drink, always has a very special place in Bunna events -”café” in Amharic, the Ethiopian language- with the traditional “fucking” -a kind of ceramic teapot- to charcoal to enjoy the coffee as in the origin.

“Bunna is very close to people. People tell me that it feels like home”, Jordan highlights, who adds that “I will tell you about Ethiopia, this is an Ethiopian coffee, Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity”.

“People always feel great, feels part of the culture. If we had a first anniversary with 100 people, the second was with 200, today is already with 300 the 400”, the homeowner comments on the growth of the cafeteria.

It also values ​​that its public “began to empathize a lot with Rastafari, a lot with the vibes of the Rasta, give the blessings and they are imbued with this vibe”, why “people want good vibes, Blessings, wants good energy, wants good wishes, Bunna delivers that. There is already a word, now they are ‘bunnitos’ days”, Jordan smiles.

Bunna is not just coffee, you can also try other types of delicacies, like pizzas, sushi, various sweets, and therefore it is an excellent place to visit and meet, an unequal place in its genre.

“Bunna Cafe, family cultural project, café, good vibes, reggae”, is the summary of this place in the words of the host himself.