The beating of the Approve, the end of the dictatorship and the hope of a new country

The social outbreak opened the door for a new Constitution

A beating What we will remember for a long time was what happened this 25 October, The people of Chile once and for all overthrew the Constitution of the tyrant who during 40 years prevented fundamental changes in our society so for the first time in our history we can prepare a Magna Carta with citizens forming a central part of this milestone, at least we hope so.

We cannot forget that the 18 October last year was the spark that unleashed the possibility that citizens chose with a pencil to end the Constitution of the 80 -and strictly speaking, evicted her, with an explosion that brought to its knees the political class that had no choice but to agree to this historic plebiscite, that with the passage of time we will be able to see in its full magnitude.

This Sunday a resounding and thunderous voice spoke and now the political class only has to comply. That forceful voice of numerous Chileans expressed the need to profound and relevant changes on topics like health, education, forecast, gender equality, access to water, among many others, demands that, otherwise, They are historic in aspects where the market has prevailed without counterweight and has generated serious consequences, such as a brutal inequality that has become a deep scar in society.

Chile woke up

Although formally in october 1988 We Chileans voted for the end of the dictatorship expecting a joy that never came, more of 30 years later a new hope arises to build a country for everyone and not just for a few.

On that occasion, in 1988, The political parties were in charge of the subsequent process - the so-called “transition”- and they sent “pa’ home” to social movements and citizens, with which they had free rein to perpetuate the neoliberal model to this day.

The lesson was learned and this time citizens must be protagonists of this process that starts in which finally we will finish with that “transition” post dictatorship and must remain mobilized to influence the upcoming Constitutional Convention.

And that's exactly what's coming right now., which is as important or more important than what happened this Sunday: the constituent process.

Without going further, next April comes the election of the conventional, the people who will be in charge of writing the new constitution, and there is not much time left to organize, given that in January those who want to participate must be registered right in the middle of the effects of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, more than personalisms, What is required is that the mobilized people begin to discuss a project for the country we want., to bring those ideas to the Constitutional Convention. And clearly it is a titanic task .

It is important to understand that The current social conflict moves away from the right-left axis, rather it is a vertical axis, “those above-those below”, those who live in the three communes of the RM in which the “rejection” and the rest of the country, the elites and the rest.

Therefore, it is necessary to organize and establish broad agreements between the transforming forces that make sense to citizens.. From this humble path, Two fundamental aspects that must be demolished are the subsidiary State and the AFP, the bases of the unequal current model, to aspire to real changes in people's lives.

Participation is also fundamental and although more than seven and a half million people - the largest number of voters in an election in Chile in absolute terms- manifested themselves at the polls this Sunday, it is only a matter of little more than 50 percent of those registered in the electoral registers, which makes it very necessary to re-enchant those who were left out of this historic vote through the organization.

Participation is essential to establish changes.
Participation is essential to establish changes.

Since Reggae Chalice We salute and rejoice at the beating of the Approve and the Constitutional Convention and Now begins a great moment of organization, discussion, debate and participation, but we must be alert and attentive so that the process is not hijacked by traditional politics.

Image credits: Cesar Sanhueza/RC