Aroma, Taste and Harmony in Bunna Cafe

"Buna dabo naw '' Coffee is our pan-, says a popular saying in Ethiopia.

Autumn begins and Reggae Chalice we have the perfect recommendation for our readers. A place that shines with its own light, where the familiar warmth and traditions are taken seriously and live daily. We refer to Bunna Cafe, santiaguina located in the pre-cordillera, a place where tranquility is breathed and where noise and pollution of the capital are several kilometers back.

Although we know that access is not easy, is greatly appreciated harmony and good vibration place, section of the characteristic stressful bustle of the concrete jungle.

Bunna Cafe It born as a family business in the early 2015, when the Rastafari family headed by Jorge Espinoza, "Brother Jordan", and Maria Teresa Vera, They decide to abandon a routine life -she psychologist by profession and builder- to devote himself to this project that changed their lives.

according to Jordan, experience has been unique, ensuring that "people need cultural and family spaces, where parents can take children without anybody saying anything. Here children are part of our environment, they can play, smart, run and do whatever they want ", proudly it boasts.

But let us start making calls us: food. Bunna Cafe with homemade surprises and own elaborations, where the flavor of the dough and filling makes perfect cakes remember those unforgettable childhood, those that one ate with great gusto and invite him not to hurry anyone.

On our visit we had the privilege to try the "Banana-Raspberry Kuchen", a mixture did not expect and had never tried. In one word, wonderful. The perfect mass baked and contrast of both fruit flavors make the palate delight in this unexpected mixture. But the best part is missing. Bunna Cafe works with brand Marley Coffee-not only for the natural Rastafari- link, but because the company is one of the few working the Ethiopian grain, that ancient grain that recalls ancient African traditions.

In Bunna ceremonial coffee preparation are part of daily minuta, where the story of the origin of the grain and the preparation of which account is a faithful reproduction of the Ethiopian tradition tells how. One hundred percent recommended. A handmade cake and coffee. Yes, please request so it. It was very pleasantly surprised at the story, the ceremony, preparation and flavor, all it has done and narrated by the same family. a very pleasant time is guaranteed.

Taking a rich coffee is a ritual act and intended to be ceremoniously. Coffee is cooked on the table, with burning embers and “fucking” or clay teapot on them. The tools allow the perfect concoction preparation. A powerful coffee, bodied, intensity, aroma, bitter and not erase, this thanks to the shape of the container.


Bunna Cafe not only is presented as a food alternative. The desire to rescue the culture of Reggae creditor makes a different essence and aromas elsewhere. The idea is simple: share or "Selektar" Music with clients or friends; show films for children and adults, and presenting live bands during the day, all in the company of family.

Thus one year after the opening of this coffee, this scenario has positioned itself as one important step in developing local and roaming Reggae, which they have already been presented renowned artists as José Dolores scene, Balaguero, Revel, Polo parable, Cresposalem, Queen Talulah, Maialem, Angela; and international artists such as the presentation of Argentine Breast Ordan & The Uokey Band, the last December.

Friends already know Reggae Chalice! For coffee lovers, the cakes, good music and the best Flip, the invitation is already done. Bunna Cafe It is located just fifteen minutes from the Vizcachas, The specifically Peumos 024, whereabouts 6 Las Vertientes. Its doors are open from Tuesday to Sunday, between the 10:00 and the 22:00 hrs. If you want to know more about the ritual of coffee, schedule an hour 228711366 or contact them via their social networks.