Tofu croquettes natural tomato sauce and brown rice

Dear friends: I want them to share a delicious recipe for tofu croquettes in tomato sauce. Some tell me "... .tofu??? It is so bad, untouched tan ”, but the truth is that with this preparation I challenge you that your diners could not discover that they are testing.

In addition to eating them as I will propose in the following preparation or with mash or spaghetti, I tell you that they are spectacular cold with sandwich bread, how to prick at snags.

I hope you enjoy them because they are also easy to prepare and spread a lot.

Ingredients for the croquettes

-Tofu (I have always prepared approximately 400grs. How to 6 people)





The first thing is to crush the tofu with a fork until it is completely ground. To this you must add a sofrito to taste (I usually do it only with onion and garlic), parsley and ground walnuts (I always calculate, I think these ingredients are to taste just like salt).

At the moment of adding the eggs I am calm because it is never the same, it depends on how wet the tofu is how much egg you will have to add. The idea is that you test until you can manipulate the mixture and put together the croquettes with your hands.

You can fry or bake these (I love fries but I recognize that baked are healthier).

Tomato sauce

A very easy way to prepare tomato sauce is to roast them in the oven and then put them in the juicer. Then add a sofrito, a pinch of sugar and salt and heat it for a few minutes.

Another way is to cook the tomatoes for many hours (until you have the desired consistency) with a bit of sugar and then pass it through a sieve. Then season with a sofrito to taste.

I recommend in both cases add basil, it looks wonderful.


If they are going to prepare brown rice, they must be patient because it takes longer than white rice and you have to add a little more water. In any case, it is the same procedure and it is much more tasty and nutritional than white rice..

I say goodbye and I hope you are encouraged to prepare them, I think I will not disappoint them.

A recipe from MaialeM.