The “medicine music” flying the Pulso Native Collective

"Native Sessions" is one of the projects of the band

a ceremony called “sun dance” In colombia; “the mamos”, an indigenous people of that country and a message of conscience about Mother Earth for the damage she has suffered, were the transcendental factors that inspired the formation of the Native Pulse Collective, reggae group that brings together prominent musicians from the national scene and that these days is presenting studio sessions that address these issues from the beginning of the “music that heals”.

Its founder and keyboardist, Edward Troncoso (especially), talked with Reggae Chalice about the musical proposal of the band that transits between fusions with sounds of indigenous music; their origins and also the projects in which they are concentrated in this second half of the year.

—How was the beginning??

I am going to this ceremony “sun dance” in 2017 where I get a lot, This message of raising awareness resonates with me, that the planet Earth is on alert and I receive this from the native peoples - from “the mamos”- Colombian indigenous. Then everything starts there, because that's where the idea comes to me, that's where the idea was born. The indigenous were the grandparents, parents (of the project).

They raise the issue that we have to activate the conscience, that's where i say that, as I am a musician, through music i want to make an online project of this, that is why we ask permission to represent and also communicate the indigenous wisdom and also ask for the blessing and protection for the project.

—And then came the formation of the band?

— When I returned to Chile from Colombia with all the energy to create the project, I met with Carlitos Goodmvn (keyboards) in his studio, where the musical creation began. Then comes the conformation of the band where renowned musicians from the reggae scene in Chile with great experience resonated, a tremendous blessing to be able to make music with each of the musician brothers and sisters.

—How do you define the music of Pulso Native?

— Our musical proposal is conscious music, spiritual music, reggae mixed with medicine music, indigenous music. It's called medicine music, temazcal music, of ceremony, because it has a purpose to heal.

The boys are more of pure reggae, I'm also into reggae, i played reggae, but now i'm on a more open road, then this mixture is formed (…) We are super happy and proud to have our seal, our mixed reggae is very original, It is not the reggae of Gondwana or of Prophetic Culture or of Los Cafres.

That musical stamp that Eduardo talks about can be seen in the “Native Sessions”, one of the ongoing projects, recordings in great quality of audio and sound of the themes “You will be reborn” Y “Problems”, available on all digital platforms.

“We recorded in the Orange studio, incredible, a very professional studio and we went with everything. We were rehearsing for five months to make it come out the way we wanted it to come out and we were satisfied. We already have two chapters. The response from people was incredible., so we are very motivated”, Lalo said, who also stated that this project is still open.

“The colective”

There is also an important aspect that characterizes the band which is collaboration with other artists, what has been revealed in several songs.

“One of the characteristics of Pulso Native is that each song has a guest singer, that's why we are a group. (Has participated) Nicholas Liberty (Africa and New Afrobeat), who is also connected to the goal of the collective. We have another topic with Mc Jona (Gondwana); with Raulí (vibration Eleva), people who are encouraged to participate because we share visions and everything flows”.

“We have a lead vocalist like Isar Lee and Fran McManus, but we also make music with other brothers who are also on the way, who are from other bands or are doing their personal projects, but that's why it's a collective”.

And it is precisely that other relevant point in Pulso Native, the colective, therefore it is not trivial that that word is part of the name of the band.

“The concept of a collective is that it is open, is open because we also work, we cooperate, we co-create with projects that also have the same vision as us, not necessarily the music. Through the art, for example, indigenous painters of Peru have offered us and have made works, paintings, and have been part of the art of each theme”.

“That is why there is the concept of collective, because the goal is collective, we understand that the vision has to be collective, not individualistic. We have to work on the collective conscience because the objective is collective, not individual.”, express.

Bonetto's backing

For new bands, the support of established artists is always important, and Pulso Native highlighted an important figure in the Latin American reggae scene..

“The support we have received since Guillermo Bonetto's project started (The CAFRES), you don't see much and I wanted to highlight it. The emblematic bands, reggae is so small and there are so few who are at the top and it is not common to see that the one at the top supports the one who is being born. 'The Guille’ has honored us from the beginning, all topics are published, he shares them”, Lalo said.

At the same time, he pointed out emphatically that his main public does not reside in Chile, if not in a 70 percent is out, in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Likewise, slipped a criticism of that lack of support among the bands themselves in Chile.

“The bands don't support each other that much and I would like that to happen, that there is more support between bands as I see it in Argentina. There the bands do support each other, they have that tradition, that culture of opening, play”, asserted.

The projects

The group does not waste its time. After the launch of the two sessions, continue to work hard on the production of new musical proposals, planning for the second semester of this year to present a third session, In addition to debuting on stage.

“We are preparing a lot of music, I was in Puerto Rico for a month, I was in ceremonies and I was creating a lot of music and then I came here and we started rehearsing. We are rehearsing to play live, we are preparing a show 45 minutes”, since they are not yet released on stage, raised Lalo.

“We want to play in the spring and summer, topics will come out, they are there, some almost ready. And this year we want to release a third native session”, concluded the leader of the band.

Coletivo Pulso Native is made up of Fran Mc Manus, voice (Abya Yala, Aflora); Ringo, guitars (Serious Business Blues); especially, keyboards and voice (Igziabeher) which was made together with the German producer Mad Outta Road, bass and voice (Roots and Culture, The Old Premieres, Alika); Charley Judah, drums (Jah Sito & The Mightys, Sankara Reggae, Makumba Roots); Y Carlitos Goodmvn, keyboards (Roots and Culture, The Old Premieres and Alika).