The spear is still burning: Burning Spear released new album after 15 years

Burning Spear released their new album after 15 years

One of the few remaining strongholds from the golden age of roots reggae, Burning Spear, put an end to a long time without new productions by presenting his new album No Destroyer, his twenty-ninth studio album and the first after 15 years of waiting after the successful Jah is Real (2008), which at the time won the Grammy for best reggae album.

Despite these years of “silence” no new records, Burning Spear remained in force with constant concerts and live shows throughout the planet., showing all the power of the “burning spear”.

No Destroyer preserves the line of the other works of Winston Rodney, the real name of the artist, with a very recognizable sound and present in his albums, with his vocal quality practically intact despite the years and with lyrics with deep messages, as is your usual tonic.

With songs like “Independent”, where he highlights the value of his musical independence from record labels, “Open The Gate”, an ode to bob marley, O “Jamaica”, where it rescues the history and culture of the island.

Can't stop mentioning “No Destroyer”, the song that gives the album its name, “Mommy”, the single from the album released two years ago, Y “The Spear”, are some of the 12 tracks from the production that fans will no doubt enjoy.

“I recorded this record and never released it”

As Rodney admitted, the album was recorded over there by 2011, but he never released it because he considered that it was not the right time to do so.

“This album has 12 years since i recorded it and never released it, it was not the right time to release it. Now I think the time is right. further, fans have been asking what's going on with Spear (…) People play an important role in what I do musically., so i say it's alright, they have been asking and waiting for a long time, why not release the album?”, said the singer in an interview with Reggaeville.

As for the disc itself, Rodney assured that it is one of the best he has produced to date..

“I think it's a strong album, one of the best Burning Spear albums I've ever featured, in my time doing my own business, Burning Music Production. Of course Marcus Garvey Y Man In The Hills were some strong albums that were for different people. Now what I do now is for me and I think it is one of the most outstanding albums of Burning Music Production”, manifested.

further, This premiere takes place in a very special year because this 2023 are met 50 years of their first album Studio One Presents Burning Spear, produced by Clement “Coxsone” Dodd and his own Winston Rodney, the one that started the legend of Burning Spear.