Kaya Sun Blood returns after 20 years: Reggae has a beautiful and powerful energy to heal

The band Kaya Sun Blood returns to the stage after 20 years.

It is a return that was not in anyone's plans until recently, not even in those of its protagonists, In fact Circumstances paved the way so that one of the pioneering reggae bands in Chile, such as Kaya Sun Blood finally returned to the stage after an extended break 20 years.

Founded in 1993 in the town of La Pincoya, in the northern sector of Santiago, definitely “the cradle” of reggae in Chile, The band remained active until the year 2003, when its members left the project. That is until now.

And the return will be this Saturday 5 August at the Monticello Casino, sharing the stage with the most important reggae band, Gondwana, with which coincidentally they come from the same place -La Pincoya-, in addition to who was the vocalist of Los Pericos in their best moment, Bahiano.

The healing energy of reggae

But what were the circumstances that allowed the return? Although it sounds strange, it was the disease, but rather, The desire for healing allowed the return that will take place in a couple of days.

“The band's return occurs because, as i have always said, Reggae music has such a beautiful energy., so cute, so powerful to heal”, Fabián Carvallo sentenced, Jahbian, drummer and founder of the band in dialogue with Reggae Chalice.

The musician recalled that “two years ago my brother and namesake Fabián Córdoba, guitarist and founder of Kaya Sun Blood, He falls into the hospital in serious condition with aphasia in his brain. A few months later I suffered from major cancer and we were both hospitalized.”.

“We started communicating, to give us strength when we could, when they discharged us for a week to be home, we would get together and with a guitar we would start playing music. All this was a constant, like music therapy”, Carvallo added..

The crucial steps for return

These meetings were shown on social networks and many people contacted them, in addition to knowing the health problems that afflicted them. One of those people was Rodrigo Olivares, former vocalist of the Cannabis Band of La Serena, who joined these musical boards, without any pretension greater than just playing. Then they joined Hernan Correa, Tanaka Brothers keyboardist, Y Rubén Martínez, bassist of Pacto Negro.

“This starts to get a little more serious when we went to see Steel Pulse, next to Quique Neira, in an amazing recital at the Teatro Coliseo. Steel Pulse is my best reference for reggae music. We decided to take this a little more seriously and then the boys came up with the idea of ​​returning as Kaya Sun Blood because of the story we lived with my brother Fabián”, the group's drummer recalled.

Fabian Carvallo he said that later “We announced this on social media and my brother immediately called me I-Locks, bassist and founder of Gondwana, that always when they played live they invited us to share the stage with them, because for him Kaya Sun Blood has always been his favorite reggae band, so it's an honor for us to play with them”.

The keyboardist also joined the project Victor Gallardo and the guitarist Marcelo Vejar, Therefore, the current Kaya Sun Blood lineup is made up of seven musicians..

“All this is already sounding very nice and thanks to a very nice story, Although it is true, it was a very hard episode for us and my brother Fabián., It became a very nice story.. So things are flowing positively with the music, with the band, with the return”, added the drummer.

And how do they project themselves after the 5 of August?

— Apart from this invitation, they are inviting us to other festivals as well., other projects. I do not know, Things are happening little by little and in a beautiful way and we will continue playing until we give no more. As my brother Fabián says, If life gave us a second chance we have to make the most of it and that's what we're going to do..

What would you like to do on this return??

— In its first stage Kaya Sun Blood did not have an album, but there are a couple of songs in the studio that are floating around and some videos of participation in live festivals. We want to make a proper album, with old songs, remakes and new songs, telling our story, our life experience. That motivates us much more to continue with this return. So we are very happy, very excited about this, we are full rehearsal.