Capleton heads the 4:20 Fest on its long-awaited return to Chile

Capleton returns to Chile

Almost 10 years after his debut in Chile, one of the main references of reggae dancehall, “the profit” Capleton, He will finally return to the country with The Prophecy Band within the framework of the 4:20 Fest which will take place next Saturday 20 of April at La Cúpula Theater in Parque O’Higgins.

A return that almost occurred last year in the Expoweed and that for reasons of force majeure it could not be carried out, but now, in less than a month, This event will bring back to the country the “King Shango”.

“The return of Capleton is news that we are very happy to confirm. We have been working on this show for about a year and a half and for different reasons it has not been able to take place.. We appreciate the commitment of the artist, of your booking and of all those involved so that this show reaches the country this 20 of April”, He said Alejandro Jorquera, producer of Flowerpot for Merkaba, that organizes the 4:20 Fest.

The producer stressed that this will be  “the opportunity to enjoy and delight ourselves with one of the most current shows, energetic and rooted in Jamaican culture, expressed through reggae and dancehall music with one of the pillars of the genre, Capleton, and his legendary band The Prophecy Band”.

The Jamaican singer performed in Chile for the first time in a memorable concert at the Siempre Vivo Reggae in 2014 with his usual overflowing energy that made those around him vibrate. 7.000 fans who packed the Caupolicán Theater.

A powerful national lineup

Although Capleton will be the highlight of this Festival that will last at least eight hours, The lineup includes a varied selection of Chilean musicians such as the popular group Shamanes, as well as all the rap of Juan Sativa and Tiro de Gracia, in addition to one of the main ambassadors of Chilean reggae in the world as Tiano Bless

Another of the invited bands will be Aflora, that after four years will return to the stage, while they will also be present Boomer, José Dolores, Jah Sito, Mistah dijah, Eterno Packto y Chakana Sound System

“The national billboard that complements these eight hours of music that we will experience on 20 April at the La Cúpula Theater has been selected under two main ideas: validity and trajectory. We want to generate a special atmosphere through national artists who we are sure will give all their love, commitment and talent to share your work on this unique afternoon”, Jorquera added.

The tickets for the 4:20 Fest are on sale through Golden Pass and the price of the first pre-sale is $22.000, while the second pre-sale is $25.000 and general admission costs $30,000.