Quique Neira launches his new album “The Reguero”

The singer Quique Neira in a live performance

The singer Quique Neira presented his most recent production called The Reguero, the thirteenth album of his solo career, which contains 10 songs, some of which were already presented as singles.

According to the national artist, This work reflects the important artistic and personal moment that he is experiencing, just the year he turned 50, where music has been a true oxygen of life.

“This new album is the consequence of everything I had to experience until the pandemic and it is the work that reflects my 50 years. It shocks me just thinking about it. The time I have dedicated to music, which is more than half of my life, has been reflected in these 10 compositions. My musical concerns, melodies and lyrics. It's all been worth it because these songs are everything I would have wanted to say at this age.”, Neira commented..

The cover of the album El Reguero

From this album they have already been presented “The King of Networks” Y “Amares” as singles.

The singer highlighted “the breadth of the themes and the innovative sound of some songs“, at the same time he highlighted that in the songs there are many aspects of current events, while waiting for this album to be widely heard.

“My expectation is that the album goes far, to many ears and hearts. In recent years I became aware of how much I am valued in other latitudes and I have made this album thinking and believing that these songs will accompany many people., in very large situations and in very distant places, many of them further than I imagine”, Neira emphasized.

The production is now available on the artist's digital platforms and you can listen to it here: