Uber Eats started delivering cannabis in Canada

The delivery app Uber Eats, dedicated mainly to the distribution of food, added a new service: cannabis deliveries.

yes, this new option only available in Ontario city, in Canada, country where recreational cannabis is legal since 2018, and represents the evolution of the service that the company already provided for almost a year.

Until recently, marijuana could be reserved through the application, but you had to pick up the product in person in places authorized for it, nevertheless from now on the distribution arrives at the door of the house.

This option arose after the company associated itself with several retail producer service platforms such as Hidden Leaf Cannabis, Minerva Cannabis y Shivaa’s Rose.

unlike the food, this service by Uber Eats has an exception, so before accepting the order, and subsequent distribution, both the platform and the cannabis producers must verify the age and identity of the buyers, something similar to what happens with alcohol orders.

It is a pioneering service in the sector that would come to complement the business of local producers, because the use of the Uber Eats platform allows to reduce the average delivery times.

further, for the recreational cannabis sector, it represents an attempt to reduce clandestine consumption or consumption by unregistered producers.

A) Yes, slowly, countries begin to end the criminalization of cannabis that began a little over 80 years and even a few weeks ago the nation that started with the ban, U.S, is initiating a process to end the criminal prosecution of the plant with the pardon of those convicted of marijuana-related crimes.