“I adore you”, Morgan Heritage's first single without Peetah

Morgan Heritage1

Jamaican reggae band, Morgan Heritage, released his first single after the departure of its leader and vocalist, Peetah Morgan, in February this year.

Is about “I adore you”, a song with which the group ventures into the Spanish language for the first time.

“The trip was challenging knowing that you have to learn to convincingly express your feelings in a language you don't speak every day.. As you can imagine, the recording sessions were very entertaining”, He said Mojo Morgan a Dancehall Mag.

After the death of Peetah Morgan, The band's legacy lives on through Jemere Morgan, son of gramps, who has become the new main vocalist of the group.

Although Peetah is not physically, anyway it appears in this song thanks to the material saved from the last time.

“Peetah believed that the legacy the five of us built should never die.. We honor that belief every time we release new music and perform on stage.”, Mojo emphasized..