Pull Up! Government bans music and dismisses the next day after rain of criticism

They did not get to pass or 24 hours and the Government had to - once again- go out to explain the announced measures and, step followed, modify the ad by qualifying the measure that prohibited the use of music in places of entertainment, after a rain of criticism that did not wait for all social networks.

It was on Tuesday morning (Yesterday) that in the daily Covid report made by the health authorities, A new measure was presented on the path of “deepening” the restrictions regarding the sustained rise in daily cases of contagion that in recent weeks average the 4 thousand in the country.

What was the proposal? The Government had announced that as of 14 January restaurants, cafes and the like would be prohibited from using packaged and live music, in the communes that are in phase 2 Y 3, that is, throughout Santiago and also in other communes of the country.

If the pandemic caused by the covid has already hit the entire music industry, making it impossible to carry out live events and, default, considerably increasing unemployment among all those who participate in this chain of work, now, with the restrictions that were intended to be implemented as of tomorrow, Thursday, it would only deepen the problems faced by music workers in general and Reggae in particular.

The argument used by the government authorities was that the music generates the effect that the people who are in these places should raise their voices, "Increasing the amount of drops expelled when speaking". After the wave of immediate criticism of the announcement, in addition to a public statement by artists and musicians that was published in national media, this morning the measure was corrected leaving it as a "recommendation".

This time, the recommendation brought a novelty. After the meetings held between the authorities and the representatives of musicians and artists, Concerts will be allowed but with a certain number of people depending on the phase in which each commune is located, where people are sitting and wearing masks. In communes that are in phase 2, It can be done with a maximum capacity of 20 people; and phase 3 with 150 people, and in phase 4 with 300 people, as pointed out this morning by the Undersecretary of Economy, Julio Pertuze to a national media.

Reggae Chalice spoke to two Reggae music workers about this and the general situation they have been in for almost a year. These are their views on the matter.