The blows left by the commented interview of Vybz Kartel from prison to 10 years of his incarceration

In September of this year 10 years since dancehall superstar and one of the most influential artists in Jamaican culture, Vybz Kartel, was sentenced to life in prison for murder. One month away from officially serving his first decade behind bars, the controversial artist had a telephone interview almost a week ago with New York's Fox-5 Channel, U.S, and the repercussions of this interview continue on the island.

It only needed to be announced by social networks and it quickly became viral and trending topic. And it is that everything that says relationship with Vybz Kartel goes viral at the speed of light.

During these days, the Jamaican authorities began an investigation into the evident violation of prison protocols with which they seek to gather information on the circumstances surrounding how this interview was carried out..

As reported by the Nationwide Radio, the investigation will be spearheaded by the Department of Correctional Services, the Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Security and various law enforcement agencies, and it will try to verify “the authenticity of the voice emitted in the Fox-5 interview”.

The questions are also related to the transfer to a Kingston jail that the artist had in those days, situation cleared by Kartel's own lawyer, Isat Buchanan, who told DancehallMag: "I do not understand all this fuss about an investigation, it's ridiculous, the interview predates his move from Spanish Town to Horizon (Kingston) And this is all just hype and Nationwide business. This argument about an investigation is ridiculous”.

In May, the artist whose real name is Adidja Palmer, He was transferred from the Adult Correctional Center of St. Catherine (Spanish Town) to Horizon Remand Center in Kingston, as part of the government's plans to move high-value criminals to the 24 newly built cells in that prison. The new cells were designed to restrict access to cell phones, that are considered contraband in the jails of Jamaica.

According to reports, the investigation will attempt to determine “and, despite the fact that a few months ago additional security was assigned to the Kartel prison cell at the Horizon Remand Center, a mobile phone was brought into the cell as contraband”.

After the prison transfer, Kartel's usually active Instagram account was silent for over two months until his album “Born Fi Dis” was released last 6 of August.

It should be noted that in March 2020, according to reports, Kartel faced sanctions after he allegedly joined an Instagram Live of producer Rvssian. Shortly after the maneuver, the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) issued a statement indicating that Kartel's cell was raided and “contraband found and removed”.

Some days ago, when word got out about the Fox-5 interview, fans of the “Gaza Nation” they were excited about what the World Boss would say. The singer of "Ramping Shop" revealed to the host of the newscast, Lisa Evers, that he was in a better place mentally because he is convinced that he has been wrongly imprisoned and will be released.

“For many it is hard to believe that you are in better shape psychologically”, the journalist asked him after stating that she has been trying to interview him for years. “Yes, because I was sick for a few years, so i'm definitely recovering physically, but mentally I have always been in a good place because I know that I am innocent and I know that I will come out of the closet”, He said.

Adidja Palmer, who is serving sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, anticipated that his sentence will be overturned by the judicial committee of the Privy Council based in the United Kingdom in the hope of being able to return to the stage. “God save the queen cause she's the only one who can save me now”, joked during the interview that was published in two parts.

And I add: “The stakes are high. I could be a free man for him 2022 or a prisoner during 30 years or more”, since your initial sentence will allow you to qualify for parole only after 35 years of serving his sentence.

The artist was emphatic in pointing out that the only reason he is behind bars is that “the system” always wanted him in jail for his massive influence, that transcends music. “To be totally honest, the system really wanted to kick me out, it was never about being charged with murder, it was about getting rid of Vybz Kartel, no de Adidja Palmer, person", sentenced.