King Addies makes history in “Verzuz”

America's number one soundsystem, King Addies, made history in the first live presentation of the now famous battle crash platform “Verzuz”, event organized by mega producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, in front of millions of viewers around the world.

Held at Barclay Center, the largest stadium in Brooklyn, the controversial showdown was King Pin's first time (the now internationally known King Addies selector) face babyface, now Lion King Muzik and also the legendary predecessor of King Pin.

On occasion, which featured dancehall legend Supercat as a live special, The iconic artist specially requested that King Addies be the final act before his set in Supercat's long-awaited return to a Brooklyn stage., his first show in that city since the years 90, and also his first show in many years.

It should be noted that the first documented Jamaican sound clash occurred in 1952, more than 68 years, where two soundsystems "faced" who sounded louder. Since 1952, the Soundclash has evolved in many ways and in various formats. “Verzuz” is the latest version of the Jamaican soundclash concept. With an exciting staging of best-of-five culture dub-for-dub, was very successful in its first face-to-face version while also making history as the largest audience culture has seen to date, with millions of viewers via streaming.

King Pin, a charismatic selector with many major annual concert and festival tours around the world, has been competing intensely and dominating the sound systems industry. Quite young compared to her legendary peers, has racked up thirteen victories in the last decade over some of today's biggest sounds around the world, which include: Bass Odyssey, the king in jamaica, 2x World Clash Champ King Turbo de Canadá , Supersonic Sound, the king in europe; the king of sound from Antigua, Stonewall, among several others.

A round moment for the creators of King Addies, who emigrated from East Kingston in Jamaica to New York City in the years 70, They formed the sound system in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with the incentive and support of the Supercat itself. Respected as an original founding member of the sound juggernaut, the “Wild Apache” (Supercat) I was toasting Addies when she only had a record player and a small speaker. He was also there with his sleeves rolled up with the team, packing the soundsystem into a van for its first showdown at Flatbush's infamous Biltmore Ballroom.

King Addies, currently celebrating his 38 anniversary with selectors in New York, Florida y Kingston, possibly the most active sound system in the world when it comes to battles, and is proud to be the greatest ambassador of Jamaican sound system culture to the United States since 1983.