"Next to you", the new from Quique Neira in an unprecedented combination with Chilean reggae artists

A week ago it was announced on their social networks. What's new by Quique Neira is the second track from his new album “Cover Me Again” and it comes with a tremendous surprise, a combination with great voices of Chilean Reggae such as Talulah Neira, Maxi Vargas, Angela, Tiano Bless, Balaguero y Cestar.

The Spanish version of "Stand By Me", original de Ben E. King the 1961, It is a project that -as he has published on his Instagram account- he is very excited and happy, hoping this song becomes a harangue, in a hymn full of energy to end this year that has been a difficult one for the world, and also for Reggae artists.

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, Quique Neira shared his appreciations for the remainder of the year and what the release of this single that was recorded in July means.

"My reflection in this regard is that in such a complex scenario and with so much uncertainty, today more than ever, a signal like the one we are sending from the artistic trench of Reggae is positive and very welcome, necessary. And that probably sets a trend (how has happened to me other times) and be the first of many collaborations of this type ", commented.

Seven voices on the same rhythm, a version that marks a moment in the history of Reggae since it is positioned as the combination with more artists on the scene and that becomes a project that has generated high expectations in Reggae music lovers. Of course, for the followers of Quique Neira too. Another milestone that this new single by Neira will capture is that it is the first time that Quique and Maxi Vargas have come together under the same rhythm., both recognized for their trajectory and participation as the main voice of Gondwana, en sus respectivos momentos.

In this year in which life has developed under a pandemic, quarantine and away from the stage, Quiquer Neira has managed -as always- to stay active and current, creative and always surprising with different musical initiatives.

A song can always bring out a smile and deliver a moment of joy, of happiness. This is how Quique Neira reaffirms it to Reggae Chalice: "In the face of what is happening, it has become clearer than ever that happiness is true fulfillment, inner peace is real success and health is true wealth and that these ideas have been communicated through Reggae music forever. That was precisely what made me fall in love with this music. Reggae is a reflection of human feeling ”.

Finally, the Chilean artist sent a message to Reggae Chalice readers, also advancing an invitation to connect and enjoy the Good Things Festival scheduled for next Friday 25 from December.

Listen to your favorite Reggae artists more than ever, from here to there. The Good Things Festival is an invitation to that, to end and start a new cycle with optimism. That they listen to us so that the necessary feedback is generated,  so that we never miss a beautiful one in our daily lives ", express.

“Junto a Ti” fue grabado en Estudios Madera & Agua en mayo 2020. Adeás de las reconocidas voces del Reggae que participan de este nuevo trabajo, completan el equipo Edwards Roa en Saxo, Víctor Jiménez en teclados, el propio Quique en la batería, low, guitarra eléctrica y electroacústica, percusiones, teclados y melódica.

El nuevo single estará disponible en la cuenta de Spotify, YouTube channel and all Quique Neira digital platforms from Friday 18 from December.