Hermanabless, seeds of a new generation of reggae

Two years ago they decided to form a reggae band. Thereafter everything has been increasing. They have their first debut album, a video clip with over a hundred thousand copies, a combination with two exponents of Chilean reggae and South American; They are also part of the undercard of the great reggae summit, 4th version of Vibration Festival. Who are they?

Hermanabless, a group formed by musicians from Santiago and the Fifth Region, the Andes and Chapter specifically, led by Bastián Plaza and Jorge Vargas, both founders and composers of the group. Seven reggae musicians who made fundamental part of their lives and through which seek to express and deliver love, the energy that moves the world. The same principle that led them to be identified under that name, the union of the concepts of brotherhood and blessing.

In an interview with Chalice Reggae, Jorge Vargas, also bear, He tells how they have been these years of work in the reggae, high public reception to their music and reflect on gender in Chile, development and generational change.

– The formation of the group in that year is, How is born and as a result they decide to put together a reggae band?

The current lineup of the band was consolidated in 2018, but born in 2017, Bastián year where we gather to compose songs and get a recording studio with music producer named Aldo Jarufe, Musical Instinct. We realized that there had to mount these issues with a band and decided to form it.


Since its inception that Hermanabless has been innovating and experimenting in sound, which at the beginning -reconocen- It was digital, and over time, they have transformed thanks to the study, mixtures with urban sounds and also the constant learning reggae sound itself as such.

His first production just seen the light a few months ago, released early 2019, is called "Hermanabless", self-titled album that -as explained Jorge- have a reggae identity more closely linked to urban music, to contemporary sounds as dancehall, the rap, even some jazz dyes, a pace that identify themselves as "smooth reggae" or soft reggae.

"Most of our songs are about love, of a love and romance to live the life that has been lost a bit with the couple of years in this globalized world, with so much technology in which we live. We seek to keep that faith alive, the hope that is in this sense that it is the energy that moves the world, what is love, I think that the language is our music, our songs", Jorge Vargas has.

With a YouTube account that does not exceed one thousand subscriptions, It draws attention to the high number of views reception and having their single "Enredaditos", already reached the 119.000 reproductions, a number that certainly is not common in the Chilean reggae plane. But this event is not accidental. In his short years as a band, They participated in Casaparlante and were also invited to sing the birthday of Tiano Bless.

– What you attribute the success of this video?

Chalked it has been a joint effort of many people, one of love and affection for music, by transmitting this vibration Hermanabless. We work with Aldo Jarufe (Musical instinct) in music production, Fernando Dominguez in audiovisual production (director Alucinati Films), audiovisual company that I would say is that today is giving more to talk about in Chile.

The work of all these people plus the musicians, music production, who participated in the video, makeup, illumination, all the people who put their love and effort gave their best, That's why you notice in this video that was achieved in good shape. It is one of the songs that you have affection for where people arrived sings and chorea.



Its main audiovisual productions have been made hand Alucinati Films, cornerstone in the work they have developed from the audiovisual plane. By this same contact was how the band managed to create a link with Maxi Vargas of Colombia and Natural AFAZ, with whom they recorded the single "Yesterday".

"It is important to show good way to people and it is important to have the support or to work with any audiovisual that can express that to people through good images, good shots, good colors, good locations, by creating a visual aesthetic and feel he has done with us in very good shape and we are grateful to be working with him ", Koke says about the work they have done with that producer.


Chile fertile land of reggae

Hermanabless are part of that younger generation of reggae, which grew up listening to Gondwana, Los Pericos and the Cafres, the greatest references of this musical style in South America and Latin America in general. Remember that sounded on the radio and on TV, the influence gangs have generally been in development at the local reggae. For these young, reggae is flourishing.

– Do you think the Chilean reggae in general?

We believe that Chile is fertile land of reggae, It has been a very large seed. Gondwana in 90 He sang that "Reggae is Coming" and reggae reached nationwide. One can see how there is reggae in Copiapo, in the downtown area, in Santiago, in the zona sur, There reggae Concepcion.

It means that reggae is already a musical language that is commonplace for Chileans. When we were kids we grew up listening to on the radio Gondwana our peoples, our cities, we saw on TV, at the Festival of Viña along with the music of Los Pericos or Los Cafres. It sounded a lot in the 90 and that we feel greatly influenced Chilean music and reggae believe today is one of the most covered in music genres because not only do musicians, but also those linked to digital urban music.

– How to evaluate the current state of reggae in Chile?

It is like that is newly blooming seed of a new generation of reggae, we see for example in Eleva Vibration Conce, in different young exponents, in Copiapo there is a very good band, Black Quarter I think is called; in the Aconcagua Valley, is Aitue e.g., I think there is a new generation of reggae that will emerge, It is therefore important that new open spaces. I think at that point, Original work Movement or Shamanes, It was like the link that was very necessary for the generation of Gondwana had a transition to our, now it is forging new and there we are, I think that is a new generation flourish.

– They were confirmed and announced as the revelation reggae band 2018 for the 4th version of Vibration Festival, a huge festival where they share the stage with some of the most important bands of the Chilean scene along with major figures of the South American genus. How do you feel being part of this powerful undercard of an event that is projected as the great Chilean reggae Summit?

We arrived by Planter team to Vibration Festival, I think it was because last year heard us play at Tiano Bless birthday and also our participation in Casaparlante. I think those little things helped us to have a little more viewing reggae circuit for boys give us every confidence summon and confirm this festival.

For us it is an honor to play and show our show there with full band, seven on stage, to bring all our crew also because in the summer we were lucky enough to go out and play in regions, in massive events, and now we will be able to do the same in Santiago and that is truly a blessing.. What more beautiful it is in the Caupolicán Theater, former monumental theater!, one of the most important places for music in our country.


Hermabless does not stop. With their dreams and desire to continue giving love to the world through reggae. In the remainder of the year they plan to release their latest single from his debut album and are already working on the composition and production of pre upcoming songs on his new album.

further, projected to continue increasing their networks and creating links with reggae artists both national and Latin American level, perspectivando also possible tours abroad.

"Surely all this is going to give to the extent that our work is consolidated and there is more to keep working every day because our project can grow and consolidate in the best way", recognizes and leaves open the invitation to the readers of Chalice Reggae keep their networks and assist their upcoming shows.

"After we Caupolicán various shows in the metropolitan region as well as in regions. Invite all, We are Hermanables, a band that brings a vibe as its name, full of brotherhood and good wishes, for above all a musical vibe that we want to give people in this country that badly needs good vibes to heal ", ends.

Hermanabless is made up of seven musicians: Fernando Vera, showgirl and keyboard; Jorge Juanidis, main keyboards; Pablo Roots, Rhythmic guitar; Cristian Maldonado, leading electric guitar and arrangements; Javier Chacana, drums; Jorge Vargas, bassist and composer; and Bastian Square, lead singer and songwriter.