They will fall: Betania López challenges power in her new video clip “Censura”

The Chilean singer-songwriter and composer Bethany Lopez has just released its new audiovisual production that is named "Censorship", song in which he delivers a strong message against injustice, the repression and dictatorial acts that have occurred in Latin America, especially in this last year under a pandemic.

the single Censorship It is an apocalyptic sentence to all the prevailing powers that govern Latin America. In it he manifests the awakening of a society that no longer tolerates injustices, that is no longer afraid of power despite the fact that the response to a mobilized people is violence, state repression, unemployment, hunger. In "Censorship" Betania affirms categorically and with great force that the powers that be "are going to fall" and that the truth "will never be silent".

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, the outstanding ska reggae artist referred to the importance of capturing these situations in her music “because we have been putting their feet on us for years., dumbed down, enduring a lifestyle that doesn't suit us. Since the social outbreak began, I once again felt confidence in society and in the future, in which we could create a better future ".

Bethany added that “there are things that must fall, change, mutate and transform like power, the abuse of power used by governments where only they and the transnationals benefit; the media power of the so-called “official media”, the repressive power of the police, and that the video shows how they attack us every time we demonstrate ".

Inspired by the people's struggle and the victims of police repression, so also in the censorship suffered by the collective Delight Lab in his projection of the words "Hunger and Humanity" in May 2020 in the middle of the social rebellion in Chile, the video clip was directed by Roberto Ormazábal, and assisted in direction by Marcela Toledo. María de los Angeles Alvear was in charge of the art, Victor Mora of Serigraphy, Natalia Deichler in makeup and Karo Alexandroff in wardrobe. The single was produced and mixed by Cristóbal Pera Prezz and Misha Celis, in Celis Studies, both producers known for their work with Ana Tijoux and Aerstame, to name a few.

"Censorship" It is part of the third studio album by Betania López and with it she shows her musical experience through the combination of Jamaican rhythms such as Reggae, el Dub, el Ska, and markedly Latin sounds. The single is added to "Santa Capucha" and this new production aims to repeat the success of his second album "Amor Perverso y Dub" -with ska as the protagonist- with which he managed to position himself in Chilean and Mexican audiences with his powerful feminist and activist lyric where he portrays Chile and the current world.

It should be noted that the artist debuted with her triumph in the Rock Schools and has come a long way in the Chilean scene and especially the Mexican one., has turned 3 times for the North American country and has shared national stages with important groups such as Desorden Público de Venezuela and the Spanish singer Juantxo Skalari, leader of the band Skalariak, among others.

To end, the singer and songwriter said that “at this moment I feel that we are all contributing from different angles so that there is a social change and in this music plays a fundamental role. Music is magical because it has the ability to transfer information through time, and not just the information itself, but it is accompanied by feeling therefore it is complete, connect conscience and heart ".

While Betania López continues to compose and prepare material that will be part of her third studio album, and we invite you to see "Censorship" on his youtube channel. You can also review the previous albums of the national artist in her account Spotify and on all its digital platforms.