A bolero in a Reggae version is the new thing of Mista Coco and Mc Jona

Reggae has never been oblivious to other musical styles. There are many reggae versions that have been made in the history of music, covers of songs of all kinds and in Chile we also have it. "Reason and Reason", a bolero in reggae is the new bet of Mista Coco, the singer from Concepción who on this occasion presents a new single by the unmistakable and romantic voice of Mc Jona.

Reason and Reason It is a song that I really like from its original version in bolero by Eduardo Taronji to the interpretation of Zalo Reyes. I always sang it and one day it occurred to me to do the version ", explained Mista Coco.

The musical production was worked by "the Reaktor", producer of La Joya Records from Valparaíso who made this bolero base a reggae rhythm. “Then I thought that he was missing one more voice than love, something from the port and who else was going to record it than Jona ", Edgar Navarrete told, cradle name of the singer penquista.

And it is that the musical relationship of Mista Coco and Mc Jona is not from now. In conversation with Chalice Reggae, "El Mista" remembers that back in the year 2000 Mc Jona visited Concepción by the hand of the historic band "Cultivo de JAH". From then on they have shared stages on different occasions and recorded some songs previously as well.

During 2019 – after the once Gondwana vocalist resumed his solo career-, they worked together in live shows in Concepción, Santiago, Valparaíso and its surroundings.

"Motivo y Razón" is a version adapted by Mista Coco to reggae, keeps the original lyrics but has its own additions. The video is an animation made by Angelo Baele and Map Machine, where the story takes place in a Bar in the port of Valparaíso and where Adriano Castillo also participates, currently councilor of the Quinta Normal commune in Santiago, popularly known for his TV character "El Compadre Moncho", who personifies in this audiovisual production as the "bartender". The appearance of the singer Zalo Reyes in the animation corresponds to "a humble tribute to his legacy", says Mista Coco, while recognizing that boleros are part of his musical tastes.

Friendship and love for boleros, the hallmark of this musical union, as Mc Jona explained to Reggae Chalice: “(mixed Coco) He invited me knowing that I am a great lover of boleros and onion music from the port, so we fit the bill ", ended.

“Reason and Reason ", the reggae bolero of Mista Coco and Mc Jona, is now available on all its digital platforms. The original version is by the Puerto Rican composer Esteban Taronjí and one of his most popular interpretations is that of Zalo Reyes de 1996.