Left while he slept: dancehall fires veteran legend Sister Charmaine

Veteran dancehall-reggae artist, Sister Charmaine, passed away peacefully in his sleep a few days ago, during the morning of 5 from January, to their 53 years. Singer, who suffered from asthma, She was credited with being one of the first female deejays to use more vulgar lyrics.

It was the once deejay Lady Ann, her close and confidant friend, who confirmed the death of Sister Charmain with various Jamaican media: "He lay down for a nap and never woke up. I know i had asthma, and he was so bad he couldn't leave home without his pump, but otherwise I was not sick ", He said.

Lady Ann & Sister Charmaine

Sister Charmaine, whose real name is Charmaine McKenzie, he lived in the bronx, United States from 1994. Origin of Arnett Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica, was an unrivaled performer on the Dancehall circuit in the 1960s. 80, claimed Lady Ann.

"She was the craziest on stage, No one like her. No one can say they have a great song and act after, that does not mean anything, she entered as a man on stage, ah, crazy. Came to my birthday party in 2019 and he stole the show from me ", Lady Ann remembered.

Sister Charmaine is perhaps best known for her performances at the famous Sting dancehall festival in Jamaica, which was carried out year after year since 1983 until 2015, during 2020 the return of this festival was announced online but it was not finally carried out. Of his memorable presentations are that of 1988, when it appeared in a clash or confrontation with Lady Mackerel and Junie Ranks. The next year, in 1989, faced once more with Lady G, Patra and Lady P. Of his greatest musical successes stand out "Bun", "Strong Body Gal" and the popular single "Granny Advice".

In an interview with the local newspaper Jamaica Observer in 2012, Sister Charmaine credited producer Winston Riley for giving her the space to enter the dancehall.. Riley produced Sister Charmaine's first hit song, "Glammity" among other great songs by Charmaine like the aforementioned "Granny Advice", “We Have the Body” and “Man Look Nice”.

In his final words, Lady Ann declared to her late friend a “dancehall and reggae giant” and delivered a message remembering Charmaine.

"All who are haughty now, they were never as good as her. They came together and got rid of her. They were afraid of him, They all said they wouldn't do a show with her; a lot of fighting and a lot of witchcraft in the industry, but she was the best ", sentenced.

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