Queen Ifrica accused her father Derrick Morgan of rape

A serious complaint rocked the Jamaican music scene in recent days, after the singer Queen Ifrica will accuse her father, ska star Derrick Morgan, for an alleged rape happened a few years ago, as revealed in an Instagram Live broadcast.

The artist, which name is Ventrice Morgan, explained that she did not know her father when she was a child because her mother kept her away and that later, longing for the father-daughter bond, looked for him in one of his shows.

“When I met him I went to his hotel and asked him why he had neglected me all these years. and he just said he got married and had kids and couldn't let his wife know he dealt with them. Therefore he told my mother to abort me”, said the artist of 48 years,.

Then he related that one day he went to visit him at his house in Greenwich Farm, Nine Street, where she was with him all day and then Morgan asked her to stay home because it was late for her to come home.

It was on that occasion, during the night while she lay in bed, when Derrick Morgan committed sexual abuse, according to the revelation he made in the aforementioned transmission.

In this way the singer explained why she wrote the song “Daddy”, from his album Montego Bay (2009), where his verses mention a situation of abuse:

Daddy don't touch me there/ I'll tell you someday, I swear / Can't you see I'm scared?/You're supposed to be my father/ Every day I wonder why my dad had to be the one to take away my innocence.

“Do not allow anyone to revictimize you”

Ifrica said she had tried for years to get her family to confront her father about the allegations., but it wasn't like that and, for the same, with this revelation he seeks to break what he described as the “cultural and generational cycle of sexual abuse” and enablers of predators in Jamaica.

“I live what I am talking about… I have lived it, I have conquered and survived, so I can sit here and tell you that you can overcome any darkness as you go through your life.. Don't let anyone re-victimize you after you've been raped”, said the artist.

Morgan threatens lawsuit

Derrick Morgan, of 83 years, is a star in Jamaica and one of the most recognized artists of ska, thus receiving multiple awards such as the Jamaican Order of Distinction in 2001, Jamaican Reggae Industry Association Lifetime Achievement Award (Jaria) in 2019 and the Reggae Icon Award in 2022.

After the complaint, Morgan threatened to sue his daughter for defamation, while two of his sons have also defended him against the accusations.

While, various voices have manifested so that Derrick Morgan's awards be withdrawn, to verify the reported sexual abuse.