Pieces of Jamaica in Santiago

Steps Bicentennial Stadium will find an ideal place to relax with friends and enjoy exquisite food place, both for vegetarians and for those who like meat. It is Pizzas Jamaica, a piece of Jamaica in the middle of the commune of La Florida, an oasis that invites you to reconnect with quality food, healthy and varied in its bid.

With a long and wide green flag, yellow and red (colors of the Ethiopian flag) background, plants and sand on the floor, the store – Attended by its own owner, Gary Ayala,- It seems to take clients for a moment to the beautiful island of Jamaica. Its plant food and natural fruit juices Station, Reggae accompanied by background music, They make this the right combination of elements to enjoy everything this place offers.

Not only the atmosphere is pleasant and full of good vibes, Vegetarian food is amazingly tasty. here the Ass vegetariano It surprises with a preparation class, replacing meat and vegetable croquette adding green beans to the preparation. A unique and probably the tastiest recipe I've tried (view of a carnivore surprised by the variety of flavors found in this dish).

Another important thing to note is that the absence chemicals or genetically modified in food processing. One example is the pizza dough, prepared wholly organic and handmade. "The products we use in all our preparations are a bit more expensive because they are purchased every day in La Vega. This ensures the quality we offer our customers ", says Gary, as you begin to develop your workhorse for us to taste and savor: Pizza Jamaica.


Over Gary found a problem when you start your business, but the most important, was break prejudice be Rasta, Dreadlocks carry and work with food. "In the beginning was super great prejudice, people related my hair with marijuana and being flown all day. Being sincere, we struggled to reach people in the beginning ", remember.

Ensures that at that time the marijuana issue was not as accepted as now, "We wanted to bring the concept of being Rasta, of plant food, knowledge of eating well and also do not forget that there are different people of us who eat meat. The idea was to unite all these concepts ", He is adding that now it has become commoditized healthy eating, which he has also helped them on their way.

We talked about his beginnings, when he opened the first of two local, located in the Persian Biobio, when suddenly it appears the aforementioned Pizza Jamaica, Brew dough prepared, tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, olives, green beans, choclo and if the guest wants, caramelized onion dressing. That's the original pizza Jamaica, 100% natural. For vegans there is an option without cheese.

No wonder surprising meat. Each emphasizes product quality and synergy surprises. A highly recommended dish. Along with traditional preparation, Gary surprises with pineapple juice, orange and mango. All made in the minutes.

So you already know, If you want to enjoy the best juices and delicious food in a warm and friendly atmosphere, Pizzas Jamaica is a place that will not leave you indifferent.