More Fyah brings the essence of northern reggae to the capital

More Fyah

The Tarapacan reggae fusion group More Fyah arrives from the north to present himself this Friday 19 of April at Jammin Club from the Bellavista neighborhood.

Carol King and Ulrasdread make up this musical duo that comes to the capital with the idea of ​​generating new connections with local musicians, perform live at the oldest Reggae Dancehall club in South America, in addition to spreading their new single and video clip “Feeling Blessed”. 

“On this tour we have great expectations of being able to connect and make visible the work of cultural reconstruction of reggae dancehall in the north and also be able to connect with our cultural brothers and sisters in the Metropolitan Region”, Carol King said to Reggae Chalice

The singer also emphasized that “This tour will allow us to make new connections, solidify those already mentioned, and also acquire new knowledge and projections, Y fundamentally spreading our most recent release 'Feeling Blessed'”.

Just a few weeks ago this new single was released which according to its authors portrays the essence of the north.

“‘Feeling Blessed’ It's a celebration of life, gratitude and joy (…) This song is a reminder to appreciate the blessings that surround us and to find happiness in the small moments of everyday life with the people we love.”, commented its authors at the launch of the single.

You can see the video here.

The northern group will present this Friday 19 of April in Jammin Club from the Bellavista neighborhood -Antonia López de Bello 49- and admission is free until 00:00 hours and then it will cost $5.000 Y $8.000 con cover.