Organizations seek to declare cannabis culture intangible heritage

As part of Heritage Day, this Sunday 28 the event will take place in May “4:20 it's time for culture”, to claim and celebrate the right to use the cannabis plant freely and with which the path that seeks to recognize cannabis culture as intangible cultural heritage of the country will begin.

Organized by the Foundation “everything you grow, raises”, in conjunction with the cannabis community, This event will take place at the Barrio Matta, in avenue Crazy with Madrid, and will have exhibitions, charlas, projections, a procession and the reading of a manifesto, In addition to the start of the collection of signatures to request the State to recognize cannabis culture as a heritage.

During the day, important figures of the Chilean cannabis culture and the history and the cultural legacy that the cannabis plant has formed in Chilean society, with the aim of demonstrating that the country's cannabis community is extensive, diverse and is made up of more than three million people, complying with the necessary requirements for its recognition as intangible cultural heritage.

“Cannabis culture is much more than cannabis consumption. Represents a diverse and engaged community, that has created a network of support and solidarity among its members. It is a culture that has resisted over time, adapting and evolving, and that has contributed significantly to the development of our society”, he claimed Ricardo Carvajal Cortes, of the foundation “everything you grow, raises”.

Carvajal stressed that “the recognition of cannabis culture as intangible cultural heritage is a crucial step to eliminate prejudices and promote a deeper understanding of its importance in our society. Through this recognition, we can open a constructive dialogue and promote policies that protect the rights of cannabis users and growers”.

Other organizations such as civil society such as Movimental, God save you Maria o to daya foundation.