UN removes Cannabis from the list of most dangerous drugs

A historic decision was made by the UN on Wednesday when it recognized the medicinal properties of cannabis and eliminated that plant from the classification of the most dangerous narcotics. Although its consumption for recreational purposes is still prohibited, the body's determination will have an impact on the global marijuana market.

By 27 votes in favor, 25 against and one abstention, -simple majority of 53 States that make up the Commission on Narcotic Drugs- the UN Executive body on drug policy decided to withdraw cannabis and its resin from List IV of the Convention on drugs established in 1961.

Under said agreement, cannabis was until now classified in lists I and IV, the latter reserved for the most dangerous drugs and under stricter control, like heroin, and to which little medical value is given.

Consumption for recreational purposes will continue to be prohibited in international regulations as it continues on List I together with controlled substances but with therapeutic properties, like morphine.

With this step, The UN officially recognizes the medical utility of this plant that has been pursued for decades and whose health benefits have been proven in different scientific studies. It's more, many countries in the world have advanced in policies to decriminalize the consumption of the plant mainly for medicinal purposes.

Source: Infobae (AP) / RC team