Maialem pays tribute to Lady G with a Spanish version of a 90s classic

Chilean artist Maialem, recognized in the reggae dancehall scene, premiered his new single “Breeze off”, Spanish version of the classic 90s dancehall song by Jamaican Lady G.

Produced entirely by Piso 15 Music, stamp of the national artist Elemental, Maialem's new musical proposal maintains its characteristic sound in the dancehall style.

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, the featured singer explained that the idea of ​​doing a cover of this Jamaican classic was born in a conversation with Dj Galo Green “in which he told me that it would be interesting to do a version of Lady G and it seemed like a great contribution to our culture Chilean - where many people do not understand the contents of the letter in patois– make a version of one of the greatest exponents of DH in Jamaica”. 

To which he added “I chose Breeze Off first because it is one of the few songs by that artist whose lyrics are fully available, to facilitate the interpretation process. Secondly, because without a doubt and despite the fact that it was written many years ago, It is still very current in its feminist theme and in its form it fully identifies me”.

Maialem's new song is now available on all its digital platforms, including the official video clip hosted on his YouTube channel, production that was also made by Piso 15 Music, where the famous pair of Chilean dancers Santitas Killah, with his already established group, participate in the interpretation of recorded history in Zion Club.

“I invite you to listen to this version that is not intended to be a literal translation, but rather to express in a Chilean way the content that in the 90s was already an issue for women in Jamaica in terms of women's liberation and expression. In this sense, the message that Jamaican women leave us has always been a step forward in my opinion”, He ended.