The Bob Marley biopic revealed its first trailer

This Thursday was known the first trailer for the biopic of reggae icon Bob Marley, whose premiere is expected on 12 of January of 2024.

Tape “Bob Marley: One Love”, in charge of Paramount studios, will star the actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, who in the trailer can be seen impersonating the reggae legend at different times in his life.

In the images some are recreated marley concerts, studio recordings, his passion for soccer, the convulsed jamaica of the years 70 due to the political disputes derived from the Cold War that unleashed violence on the island, including the attack on the singer in 1976 at his house on Hope Road 56 before the concert “Smile Jamaica”, among many other instances of the fleeting life of the singer.

The film also bears the name of one of his best-known songs and also of the great concert of 1978, the remembered “One Love Peace Concert”, also recreated in the film, when Marley returned to the island after a couple of years of self-exile and appeared before more than 30.000 people at the Kingston National Stadium.

There he met the two leaders of the political factions of the time, the first Minister Norman Manley (PNP, socialist style) and the opposition leader Edward Seaga (Labor Party, center-right), those who took the stage with Bob, who put their hands together and called for an end to the violence, in a mythical postcard in search of the peace of a people.

The film has the permission of the Marley family, in fact Ziggy Marley, Bob's son, acts as a producer, and with this trailer the countdown begins for its release in theaters early next year.

Check out the trailer below: