The band 12 Tribus is getting ready to celebrate a very special birthday

This Friday the band celebrates 22 years of career with a great concert in the Sala SCD of Plaza Egaña.

A very special party is preparing to offer the national band 12tribes to celebrate their 22 years of career with a great concert that will take place this Friday 9 September in the SCD Room of Mall Plaza Egaña.  

The pandemic prevented birthday celebrations for the previous two years and, for the same, They look forward to meeting their followers again in an instance like this.

“This event has a special flavor since the last two years we have not been able to celebrate our birthday with the public, but despite the pandemic confinement and the limitations that this entails, we have continued working on new songs that will translate into our third album”, He said Yerko Muñoz, bassist of the band.

Munoz himself, next to the drummer Diego Contreras, they talked with Reggae Chalice in the prelude to this concert.

they are already 22 years, how were the beginnings of the band?

— No great expectations, rather enjoying the music that was born and the moments that were generated by adding sounds and experiences that came from different places. Everyone learning to play, to compose, to be on stage in front of people.

The group arises in the year 2000, in Santiago, with roots growing from the depths of reggae, while its fruits ripen in the expansion of Latin American music, reflecting this on their two studio albums: Namesake (2008) and get on (2012).

12Tribus was born in the golden age of reggae, how has the scene changed in this time?

—It has changed in the sense of the summons, before there were many more daytime events, for example, where the reggae family used to meet. children were present, girls, people of all ages and places. Today those events are no longer held and those same people seem to be more dispersed.

and around the same, How do you see the current reggae scene in terms of audiences?, bands?

There have been very good bands but unfortunately they have disappeared due to how difficult it is to sustain projects professionally.. For example, recording discs has a high cost that is difficult to finance, it gets heavy, especially if you are not playing on the radio or you are not on the grid of large festivals. We see that the current reggae scene is sustained by the strength and perseverance of the bands underground and emerging over the already established artists of the genre.

12Tribus has also participated in major festivals and has shared stages with major international artists. as Kimany Marley, Prophetic Culture, The CAFRES, Easy Stars All Stars, among others, as well as with a variety of national artists such as Original movement, Congress, Gondwana, to name a few.

What do you consider to be the greatest milestones of the band??

Having come to play on the biggest stages in the country, sharing with artists we admired in our beginner stage, in addition to listen to sing our songs in every corner we have been. But nevertheless, We believe that the most important milestone has been keep us 22 years creating and growing as people/musicians, it has not been easy, but we are thankful for it.

the anniversary concert

The group is also concentrating on releasing their new album, the third album, whose singles “after hours”, “Caudal” Y “upside down world” They are now available on their digital platforms.

In the show that will offer this Friday, 12Tribes will retrace their history, will present several surprises from his new production and will also explore new sounds that will delight the public.

“We will take a brief tour of our musical history, including songs from our two albumsIn addition to adding some surprises from the new album that we are preparing. You will also be able to see the band in a format that we have never explored in live concerts., so it will be loaded to surprises”, raised Yerko Muñoz.

What do you expect from this event??

We hope to have a party to a full room and live that moment together with our families and people who have supported the band during these 22 years trajectory, share with singers we admire and enjoy music together.

A call to fans to attend

We are very excited to invite you to our number birthday 22, Without you, these years would not have the same meaning that they have until now., We thank you in advance for your support throughout this time and this Friday 9 we will have the opportunity to reward you with the best we know how to do.

The session called for 21:00 hours will have as guests Mc Piri with their dancers, in addition to Ania Ivania Y Pozoul who will share the stage with 12Tribus.

Tickets for this day of music are on sale through the system Eventrid.