Tanaka brothers reunited with his audience after 11 years

The return of one of the most significant national reggae bands will be this Saturday 6 of May, to 17:00 hours and then bunna Café, to 21:00, Club Underground.

It was one of the most influential bands in the development of reggae rasta culture in the country in the late 90 and early 2000, when they filled stadiums and added reggae thousands of followers.

In that context, tocatas traditional family almost every Sunday afternoon in the Sun Workshop, which in those years it was located opposite the Plaza Brasil, together multiple exponents of a fledgling movement reggae, some of whom managed to transcend time and memory.

Among them are the Tanaka Brothers I -group instrumental in the development of reggae and a rising and growing Rastafari Movement- to rejoin 11 years after his last appearance, for a family show in Bunna Cafe (Volcano Road 109, The play, Cajon del Maipo) Saturday at 17:00 hours.

And since no first without second, the same day, but the 21:00 hours, also they say this in the Underground Club (Orrego Luco 46, Providencia) accompanied by Boomer, Tiano Bless, Balagueró and Captain Jungla.

vocalist, Oskr T, He highlighted this comeback with almost the original lineup of the band, although this return initially was thwarted by the cancellation of Santiago Reggae Festival, last 1 of May, but that led to these two shows.

“Son 11 years since the last time we played together. In 2006 We played in the shed Victor Jara, which it was also a meeting. In 2002 We stopped playing and got together this time 2006 (…) Like there was communication between the members of the band even though we were not playing together”, He told Chalice Reggae.

Despite the suspension of said event, Oskr T noted that “we will make Bunna date that comes very well, because it's like a little wave was always the band: in the afternoon, family atmosphere, so I think it will be very good vibe”.

Despite being an influential band, only they have a disk having its -the mythical “Mate and Ganja”- recorded in 1999, which it could eventually change considering that there is an intention to do new things.

“It would be very nice record, do stuff. With this meeting we are doing we are taking the opportunity to talk and see how” You can reconcile the times of all members, Whereas not all of Santiago, to carry out that purpose.

As for the particular show, explained that “We are preparing the classic issues that some people know, he remembers and refresh a couple of things too”.

“Let's make a peaceful show, extended, not like the format festival, which is shorter. We will try to entertain a good time with people and take advantage of enjoying Bunna is showing the face of the move reggae, a culture that for 18 years, when we made the record “Mate and Ganja”, It has been going as a way of life for many people”, he concluded.














Tanaka brothers

Where? Bunna Cafe, Volcano Road 109, The play, Cajon del Maipo

When? Saturday 6 of May, 17:00 hours

Cost? 5 A thousand pesos

brothers Tanaka²

Where? Underground Club, Orrego Luco 46, Providencia

When? Saturday 6 of May, from 21:00 hours

Cost? 4 A thousand pesos

By: M.G.