“Until you forget me”: Quique Neira reverses a second classic by Luis Miguel

The national singer Quique Neira premiered his own version in the key of reggae of the famous Luis Miguel classic "Hasta que me forgets", theme that is part of your album “Cover me again”. The song was originally written by the Dominican Juan Luis Guerra and does exactly 28 years, the artist known as "Sol de México" premiered it on his album "Aries", at the peak of his musical career. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States and eventually became one of the most transcendent romantic hymns in music history..

This is not the first time that the careers of both artists have come together.. In the middle of 2018, Quique premiered "Guilty or not", another great success popularized by the Mexican star at the end of the decade of 1980 and whose reggae version already accumulates more than 13 million views.

“After covering him for the first time I began to admire Luis Miguel. Before I did not listen to it with much attention, but after ‘Guilty or not’, I observed his music and his career differently. Today I feel like an admirer of his talent and the strength he needed to become who he is in Latin American music. ", noted Neira.

The musician added that the version “I did it for mere pleasure, because now it happens that some of his successes have touched me very deeply ".

Finally, Neira said that "this kind of tribute is also for the composer of such a beautiful song, how is Juan Luis Guerra. I think it's good to make love, know how to recognize the good, talent can never be denied. I never thought that my career would have something to do with Luis Miguel, but now that changed, because I understood that I had a lot in common with him ".

"Until you forget me", the new single that Quique Neira released in the past 18 of June, It is part of his album "Cover me again" where the Chilean from roots reverses other music classics such as "Perdóname" by Camilo Sesto, "Continue living without your love" by Luis Alberto Spinetta, "Next to you", Spanish version of “Stand by me” by Ben E. King, and "Angel of the Past" by Natalino.