Esperanza, revolution and love: the reggae messages of "Aitue"

  • The Los Andes musical group has just released a new song and is preparing for the release of their first EP.

Product of the pandemic and its social consequences, nowadays an important part of the people are living difficult times. But music is always an alternative to cope with this type of situation., even more so if it delivers a positive message in this context. That is the energy that the Reggae musical group seeks to transmit, Aitue, who is promoting his new single and video clip “Un poquito de esperanza”, already available on the different digital platforms.

Aitue, which in Mapudungun means "The land that one loves", is a musical project of the city of Los Andes, in the Valparaíso Region, which mainly mixes Reggae with RAP and urban music. Formed by Fabricio Ponce (vocalist), Imix Gordon (guitarist) and Juan Francisco Herrera (bass player), all in turn composers, addresses in its themes the importance of caring for the planet earth, denouncing the harm done by people and how society also suffers at the hands of ambition and power, all this without neglecting the positive vibe typical of the Jamaican rhythm.

This group takes its first steps in the year 2012, achieving through time to appear in all the great festivals of the Aconcagua Valley. In the quest to take his music beyond the borders of his native land, these days the band is promoting the single and video clip of "Un little hope", song that is born under the musical production of Instinto Music, while the audiovisual work was in charge of "GrabaTuVideo", with the main voices of Fabricio Ponce de Aitue and the collaboration of Bastián Plaza, Hermanabless vocalist.

"This issue arises from the need to generate a society through optimism, where hope gives us strength, to build a better world, with respect and equality, either with our peers or with the planet earth in general. From there also arises the initiative to support the new generations and improve the world in which we live ", Fabricio Ponce explained.

It is worth mentioning that this song is part of Aitue's first EP entitled "My revolution", which will soon be released by this Reggae group. "Each song addresses a different theme, but in sum it expresses the awakening of our internal struggle with the balance of this modern life, in a personal revolutionary process. We believe that it is necessary to change our reality to overcome everything that oppresses us ", expressed the musician.

Source: Press release