Peter Tosh's mausoleum will reopen 2024

This is what the renovation of Peter Tosh's mausoleum looks like. (Photo: Dancehall Mag)

The son of legendary reggae musician Peter Tosh, Andrew Tosh, announced that his father's mausoleum located in Belmont, Westmoreland, Jamaica, will reopen to the public in 2024, after being closed for a time due to legal and financial problems.

“We are preparing to officially open it next year, early next year”, Tosh said to DancehallMag.

Before Peter Tosh's birthday celebrations, last 19 October, a mausoleum beautification project was carried out, which included the painting of new murals, building a new iron gate and painting the walls at the entrance to the property.

The mausoleum, which houses the remains of the legendary singer and those of his mother, Alvera Coke, It is located on the grounds of the house where Peter Tosh the 19 October 1944.

Future museum

further, Andrew Tosh, consulted about the possibility of creating a museum in honor of his father in the same place as the mausoleum, said “the museum will surely be a reality”.

It should be noted that in November 2016 Peter Tosh Museum officially opened, en el Pulse Center en Trafalgar Road en Kingston, to honor his life and work.

After being closed in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, The Peter Tosh Museum in Kingston was reopened this 19 October, Peter Tosh's birthday.

But nevertheless, many of Peter Tosh's followers and members of the Rastafarian faith believe that the museum should be located in Westmoreland, in the same place where he was born and his remains rest.

Peter Tosh's mausoleum was inaugurated in 1997, ten years after his murder at the hands of thieves who broke into his Kingston home.