Director: “This movie brings a Bob Marley that not many people know”

The countdown begins for the premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love”, the biographical film about the king of reggae, and Paramount Pictures released a new extract from the film that will be released next 14 February with some comments from the Marley family, of members of the production and the actor who will play the Jamaican musician, Kingsley Ben-Adir.

“This film brings into the world a Bob Marley that not many people know”, holds the director of the tape, Reinaldo Marcus Green, in the aforementioned audiovisual piece of just over two minutes long called “Telling the story of Bob Marley”.

The film reviews and recreates the events of Marley's life between 1976 Y 1978, the period between the attack on his home before the Smile Jamaica concert in the midst of the political upheaval on the island, his self-exile in England and his return for the One Love Peace Concert.

“People know Bob Marley's music everywhere, Worldwide. But Bob was more than just a musician. (…) We tell the story of Bob's life, his music and his connection with people (…) Everyone here knows the culture, they know the environment. It's a very community effort.”, says in turn Ziggy Marley, Bob's son and producer of the film.

Kingsley Ben-Adir: “It has changed my life”

While the British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir highlighted the importance of this role and stressed that “The process of trying to get to know Bob and trying to convey the magnetism of his charisma has undoubtedly changed my life.”.

Bob's recently deceased friend also briefly appears. Neville Garrick, who collaborated with the film, highlighting that Marley's family “she is happy” with the movie, while Cedella Marley, Bob's daughter, He stated that his father “He was a messenger of peace and love”.

They hold the avant premiere of the film in Jamaica

This piece is added to the avant premiere of the film that took place this Tuesday 23 of January in the Carib 5 Theater de Kingston, marking the first screening of the production three weeks before its official premiere.

Among those attending the red carpet of this event were the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, with his wife Juliet, and also the dukes of Sussex, Harry y Meghan.

The prime minister published on his social networks about this premiere that it meant a “momentous occasion for our nation and global community”.

“Bob Marley's ability to connect people through his music, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries, has turned it into a symbol of unity and resilience“, Holness added..

Life Magazine launches special on Bob Marley

And joining this wait, the popular magazine Life published a special edition of 96 pages about the legendary singer, with texts and multiple photos, some of which you can see on the magazine's online site, as one in colors of the mythical performance in Zimbabwe in the celebration of the independence of that African country.

“Rested on a stool, acoustic guitar in hand, Bob Marley presented what he called 'this little song to the audience at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh. It was him 23 September 1980 and Marley was 1.500 miles (2.414 km.) from Jamaica when he sang ‘Redemption Song’ in public for the last time. Two days before, He had fainted while jogging in Central Park., in new york city, and they told him that the cancer that was devouring his body and brain would kill him before the year was out.”, says one of the texts of the aforementioned special.

“five months before, He had been tear-gassed by police while performing at a celebration of the independence of the nation of Zimbabwe., that already existed hours ago. four years before, in a rehearsal for the Smile Jamaica festival, some armed men shot him and were never captured. But until 23 September 1980, nothing had killed this prophet. for a decade, Bob Marley had risen higher and higher”, add the article.

The special is on sale at the following link.