Make cross Caucus Crop Insurance Act parliamentarians

– The project seeks to modify the sanitary code, allowing planting, cultivation and harvesting marijuana plants, only with the permission of a doctor.

there have been few efforts have been driven from the legislative level to advance the decriminalization of cannabis self-cultivation. In early July, and a new attempt to give strength to the bill that is still trapped in the Senate Health Committee in Chile, MPs from all political parties formed the Transversal Bancada by Crop Insurance Act, initiative supported by the Foundation Daya organizations and Mother Nurture.

As they explained in the opportunity, He joined this group in order to provide legal certainty to those who use medicinal cannabis, so as to prevent the seizure of plants and detention to which they may be exposed patients themselves or their relatives.

With the formation of this bloc they seek to restore the presumption of innocence for those grown for medicinal purposes, but without hindering the course of investigations and judicial proceedings that may arise.

Deputy Karol Cariola, who called the formation of the bench and also the author of the project, He appreciated the support of and 21 MPs and 7 Senators who support the bill introduced in the previous period and insisted that "at this stage, It is vital to reaffirm the commitment of those who urge this project to achieve approval in the Senate. We seek to protect the rights of thousands of users and medicinal cannabis users who need to find tranquility amid the suffering of his illness ".

While, the executive director of the Foundation Daya, Ana Maria Gazmuri, He explained that "this Act Crop Insurance is health, dignity and security of thousands of families who today use medicinal cannabis, Daya are only in Foundation over 30 thousand patients accompanied by their physicians, "adding that" turn away from this project is that they agree with the continued criminalizing users ".

Meanwhile, president and founder of Mother Nurture, Paulina Bobadilla, He stated that "we are very excited and happy because we have been harshly criminalized for seven years autocultivar a medicine that turned our lives to thousands," adding that "this law is to support thousands of families found no relief in traditional medicine. We want this support is transverse and Crop Insurance Act may be as soon as possible, to no longer be humiliated ".

The proposal was criticized by the Medical College, institution took a statement supporting the initiative because "does not give the necessary safeguards to provide adequate treatment, safe and evidence-based, for people who browsed marijuana solution to a health problem not solved by the health system ". further, propose in the text "not engage physicians to prescribe a set of substances from which their compositions are not known".

It is recalled that the project called Crop Insurance Act was approved unanimously by the Chamber of Deputies, and it is currently in second constitutional, under discussion in the Senate Health Committee since January of this year.

In addition to Cariola, the bed was made up of deputies Juan Luis Castro (PS), Victor Torres (DC), Loreto Carvajal (PPD), Marcela Hernando (PR), Daniella Cicardini (PS), Maya Fernández (PS), Guillermo Teillier (PC), Camila Vallejo (PC), Ricardo Celis (PPD), Claudia Mix (common), Carmen Hertz (PC), Hugo Gutiérrez (PC), Amaro Labra (PC), Boris Barrera (PC), Marisela Santibáñez (Ind.), Andrea Parra (PPD), Daniel Nunez (PC), Vlado Mirosevic (PL), Gonzalo Fuenzalida (RN) and Carolina Marzán (PPD), In addition to the Senators Guido Girardi (PPD), Ricardo Lagos Weber (PS), Manuel José Ossandón (RN), Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD), Ximena Orders (PPD), Jaime Quintana (PPD) and Alejandro Guillier (Ind.).