“Concrete Jungle”: Chilean band Zuraka presents version in honor of Bob Marley

The Chilean band Zuraka presents his new video clip, a cover of the song “Concrete Jungle” with which they seek to perpetuate the work of Bob Marley and honor his contribution to world Reggae, version with the collaboration of the singer Fran Mc Manus of the band Aflora and the musician from Gondwana, Ramos cat.

The recently released Chilean cover is also presented in Dub format on its Spotify platform and enchants for its melody and transcendence of the message.. It was mastered by Keno Valenzuela, musician and historical member of Gondwana and was recorded at zkestudio studios.

Max Cruchaga, founder and vocalist of the band, He shared his experience covering this reggae classic and highlighted Zuraka's future projects: “We are very happy to launch these projects despite the difficult situation that the music industry is experiencing, connecting with people and sharing a vibe is the most important thing. We are now working on our first album, we have already released a single thanks to our perseverance ", stated Max.

Inspired by Latin American references and Chilean artists such as Los Jaivas, Gondwana, Victor Jara, Zuraka presents his musical content with his own lyrics that can be found on Spotify and YouTube, songs that talk about love, friendship, family, immigration and inequality, with English and Spanish versions, because one of its principles in delivering a universal message of love, peace and unity and being able to bring music to all corners of the planet.

"Our music is about moving forward, find peace and happiness in simple and real things ", comments Max, adding that “reggae music is about opposing what we believe is not right, like injustice, oppression, the repression", that is why it is so transcendental and universal he added.

Source: Press release