Canada did: Parliament approves legalizing cannabis for recreational use

This morning the Canadian Parliament approved the draft federal government to legalize recreational use of Cannabis, thus becoming the second country in the world to adopt such a measure after Uruguay, he did in 2013, as they reported by local media today.

The bill was approved in the Senate by 52 votes and 29 against, with two abstentions, and it is expected that the legal cannabis market is ready for a period of eight to twelve weeks, in mid-September.

Legalization for recreational use of marijuana was an election promise of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and comes after seven months of intense parliamentary debate.

“Has been too easy for our kids to get marijuana, and for criminals to achieve benefits. Today, changed that. Our plan to legalize and regulate marijuana just passed the Senate”, Trudeau wrote in his Twitter account.

Senator Tony Dean, who promoted the bill, he highlighted “the historic vote for Canada that ends 90 years of cannabis prohibition in this country, 90 years of unnecessary criminalization, 90 years of a drug approach simply has not worked ", He appropriated as the CBC.

It is a “transformative social policy” Y “a brave step by the Government”, Dean added, for whom the important thing is that now Canada may “begin to face some of the damage of cannabis”, To be “proactive in public education”.

“We see the end of criminalization and we can begin to address the illegal market 7.000 million Canadian dollars. These are good things for Canada”, he added.

Health Minister, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, He said that the provinces need two to three months after the bill is approved before they are ready to implement the new regime legalized cannabis.

The bill introduced by the Canadian government allows each house can grow up to four marijuana plants. The document was prepared based on a study previously commissioned a working group headed by the former Minister of Health, Anne McLellan, and former director of Toronto police, Bill Blair, study further recommended a limit of 30 grams as porte. As well, It states that marijuana should not be sold in the same premises as alcohol or snuff.

It is worth noting that Canada is the largest end a general prohibition on marijuana and the only G7 countries developed country (Germany, Canada, U.S, France, Italy, Japan and the UK) in carrying out a public policy like this. In the case of the neighboring country, U.S, nine states and the District of Columbia legalized and Cannabis. California, home to one in eight Americans, launched the largest legal marijuana market US last 1 from January.


Source: agencies