Aston Barrett Jr. dismisses campaign that raises funds for his father “Family Man”

The Barrett family accuses a fraud for the collection of money in GoFundMe for the state of health of the bassist of The Wailers.

Aston Barrett Jr., son of the notorious bassist of The Wailers who accompanied Bob Marley, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, denied that the family is involved in the campaign to cover his father's medical expenses through the site GoFundMe.

The fundraiser was allegedly started by the bassist's daughter., Aiesha Barrett, in whose review it was stated that “Family Man” had suffered a series of major strokes and a minor heart attack, that they had left him bedridden, hospitalized, needed physiotherapy and rehabilitation and that the family did not have the resources to cover the expenses.

The campaign so far exceeds 2.200 Dollars, with the collaboration of more than 70 people.

Nevertheless, Aston Barrett Jr. assured to Dancehall Magazine what “my father lives with me, he is not hospitalized” and accused her sister of acting on her own, without family permission.

“She (Aiesha) made the GoFundMe, but to whom did he give the money? (…) My brother and I are my father's guardians. We did not give you any authorization to do anything, she went ahead and did it on her own.They all called me and I let them talk to dad, who is not hospitalized. She hasn't seen dad in five months.”, added Barrett Jr.. to the aforementioned publication.

“Then, put a picture like that and say you love him, but you haven't seen him in five months, (…) I don't want to tell the world our affairs, but he is our father, we have to preserve his image and his name”, emphasized.

Barrett Jr., who is planning an upcoming Wailers tour of the United States that starts this week, He also rejected claims that his father is not doing well.

“She put a picture (in the GoFundMe post) when dad got out of the hospital three years ago when he was dehydrated and needed an IV, that's fraud. That picture was from when he just got out of the hospital three years ago., now dad has a belly”, stressed Barrett Jr..

Aston Jr himself made a brief Instagram Live on Tuesday in which he showed the real state of his father.

It is important to clarify that when entering the fundraising page you can see that it is no longer possible to donate money because the contributions were deactivated by the organizer..