2º Good Things Festival brings as a novelty a new breed of artists sponsored by the Quique Neira label

The second version of the Good Things Festival enters the countdown. Three days after its transmission, the contest produced by the Chilean artist Quique Neira under his label Cosas Buenas Producciones brings as a novelty an expansion of its billboard compared to the first edition, the incorporation of international exponents, and the participation of a new breed of artists who have been recruited by the label.

As was its first version, about the pandemic and the restrictions that still exist, this edition will also be in virtual format, free, and it will be broadcast throughout the region by Quique Neira's YouTube channel.

On occasion, Chilean and Latin American artists will meet, like Talulah Neira, Bigtouch, Fran lo, yitzak, vibration Eleva, New Notice and Jah Love from Chile; Luis Alcivar from Ecuador, Natty Dread from Argentina and a special with Natty Congo Crew, Quinto Sol and Kass Smith from Mexico.

It should be noted that in recent years Quique Neira has developed his role as a producer, working beforehand with Talulah Neira, Bigtouch, the band Penquista Vibration Eleva, and now incorporating new voices to its catalog as the young debutante in reggae Fran Lo, the also Chilean Yitzak, and Luis Alcivar from Ecuador.

The outstanding Chilean artist, with a long history in reggae and with wide international recognition, Quique Neira, explained to Reggae Chalice that “everything is part of the dream of doing the Good Things Festival many years ago. That's where everything started, before even thinking about being a record label. With a focus mainly on Reggae, The Good Things Festival aimed not only to be entertaining and attractive to the public, but also to serve as a platform, momentum for new figures, for new values, enrich the scene as a central motif.

And added that “the feeling of having started a virtuous circle is evident every moment. Finally, Cosas Buenas Producciones has taken on an integral character and that is a source of great satisfaction for the entire team.. That dream has become a reality even more beautiful than I imagined ".

The first edition of the Good Things Festival was held on this same date of the year 2020, also in a virtual way, where the Chilean artists Angela performed, José Dolores, Jahime y la Burning Faya Band, Mistah dijah, Mera Peace, Gran Rah, Talulah Neira and Quique Neira closing the event. Check it out here!

As stated in their newsletter, the festival was designed to decentralize access to live music shows in southern communes of the capital and make independent national music visible, for free.

Regarding the continuity of the contest, Quique Neira expressed that "the projection of the Festival goes hand in hand with the times and with the optimism that we print: make the next versions face-to-face. And we will achieve it, because that's how we originally visualized it ".

Don't miss the second edition of the Good Things Festival this Saturday 25 December on Quique Neira's YouTube channel, to 8 PM Chile, 5 PM Mexico, 6 PM Peru, 8 PM Argentina, 7 PM Puerto Rico, 12 AM Spain, 6 PM Ecuador and 3 PM L.A.