Jamaica received it big: Buju Banton, a concert for history

The last time I sang live was in January 2011, in Miami, when the trial against him was underway. The 8 from December to 2018 He was released from prison after serving a sentence for drug trafficking for about eight years, He was deported back to Jamaica. Since coming to the country he remained silent, the team behind his name worked in secrecy for months, confirming the dates would start the "Long Walk to Freedom" tour.

That's how the day finally arrived awaited by thousands of fans on the island and the world. The 16 March will be a day that will certainly in the history of Reggae, the day Buju Banton resubmitted a live show, National Stadium a grocery store as he had not seen in decades in the capital.

The show started at point 20 hrs. Reggae leading exponents were part of the pre-awaited moment Buju Banton would tread the stage again, expectations were very high. A brief appearance of Wayne Marshall, Delly Ranx, Ghost, LUST, Coco T setting the tone up to the sound of Reggae and Rastafari lyrical, who in his presentation also invited on stage to Koffe-, the recent Grammy nominated Reggae Etana thrilled the audience with their classic and with his new album “Reggae Fever”; Christopher Martin was not on the undercard but was present and together with Romain Virgo raised the vibe with her ft “Leave People Business Alone”, and later he sang his classics. Highpoint was the entry of Agent Sasco in combination with Romain Virgo, the public showed their total affection for this artist. Chronixx has positioned itself as one of the favorites of the new generation of Reggae. The national stadium was more with their classics “Skankin Sweet”, “I Can”, “Smile Jamaica” Y “Spanish Town”, to name a few. They set the pace for the story.

past 23 hrs colored lights went out. Buju Banton came dressed entirely in black and white lights lit on the center stage. The ovation received dyes remain in history, in a national stadium for more than 40 He not completed its capacity for a musical event, more of 32.000 souls were accounted for under the organization of the event. Copland Forbes, history of Jamaican music industry, told the following day that no show after “One Love Peace Concert” led by Bob Marley in the seventies, Nelson Mandela's visit, or a sporting event, They have gathered such magnitude of public.

Almost 2,500 visitors came to Kingston the day before the concert, Airbnb hotels were sold out months in advance.

Accompanied by the excellent band Shiloh, band led by keyboardist Steven “Lenka” Marsden, Banton initiated this historic moment style gospel singing a prayer “Oh Lamb of God, have mercy on me”. After some technical problems with sound, everything would be on the rise. It is no coincidence that one of his greatest hits “Destiny” was selected for opening and awaited moment so intense that lasted for almost two hours.

A review of his vast catalog was the lived on Saturday night 16. Since “Not an Easy Road”, “Hills and Valleys”, to dancehall successes “Champion”, “Too Bad”, “Me & Ounu”, Y “Waistline” They were applauded and raised edges massively. But nevertheless, the peak of the evening was when she sang “Driver” Y “Wanna Be Loved”.

“8 years, 6 months, 27 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes 26 seconds”, Gargamel he recorded his time outside the scenes. Then it was the turn of the guests. They surprised the public Steflon Don, Wayne Wonder, Gramps Morgan, Marcia Griffiths, whom he called his second mother, and Beres Hammond. With connection Hammond was simply unique and special. It was the largest joint participation had on stage and both their respect and affection expressed.

The first show of Buju Banton back to the stage ended near the 1 am, with fireworks and constant ovation from an audience that waited nearly a decade to relive this time.