Reggae is coming… a la Patagonia

  • Jamming Reggae Festival Patagonia turn the southern tip this 2 of June

Reggae still working his way and in June next several renowned exponents will meet in one of the most southerly destinations such as the Patagonia, for the first time host an event of this nature.

Punta Arenas receive a dozen artists Saturday 2 June in Portugal School Gymnasium, from 15 hours, among whom you count Kingoroots , José Dolores, Revel, Anbless Prophet, RR Burning, JL Rebel, Dj Pensativo, In addition to the local Apon Kuyen, Vestisquera Austral and SindroMestiza.

A group of brothers Rastafari, among them Felipe Contreras, They devised this concert and resources obtained from Fondart to carry out, so entry is free.

Young assured that everything is born Chalice Reggae “of the desire to expand the reggae music to Patagonia, and in turn want to create a link between musicians from the downtown area and south end zone, we believe that a festival is essential to strengthen this bond and thus mitigate some centralism”.

further, He stressed that only being the first festival of the kind to be held in the area, there is a high interest in the community.

“The reaction of the public has been positive, since in the region a large number of music lovers there is general and is the first time a festival will be held focused on Reggae music, Thus, there is expectation”, Felipe stressed, who also praised the work of Diana Diaz, Pablo Alarcon, Carlos Beca In the organization.

Likewise, envision extending over time this event -”every year”, Felipe says- and hope summon Puntarenas families and the extreme south to live “a musical and cultural exchange between local and national musicians” and not only that, and they are looking at large for the “medium term to invite international artists” I find this.


Festival Reggae Jamming Patagonia

Where? School gym Portugal, Punta Arenas

When? Saturday 2 of June

Entry: Free