Nonpalidece unleashed his powerful reggae on a magical night

Nonpalidece in Chile

The reggae of the neighborhood Nonpalidece He returned to Chile a year after his last visit presenting a show with which he enjoyed all his fans who packed the Metronomo Room on Friday night..

after 21:00 hours began the musical session provided by the group led by Néstor Ramljak and it lasted almost two hours., delighting an audience that sang all the songs from the extensive repertoire offered during the day.

The group from Tigre reviewed their entire musical catalog with an extensive setlist of 24 songs, unleashing the euphoria of an audience connected and dedicated to the unique sound of Nonpalidece.

“We had a really great time, (we are) very happy. I think we started well, after I felt confident, I felt comfortable and we also allowed ourselves to joke. This is something that is different from such a structured and classic concert and where people also perceive that this is special.. So I'm glad it happened here.”, Ramljak said exclusively to Reggae Chalice after the show.

successes like “Revolution” Y “Leaving a mark” At the beginning of the presentation they raised the vibration, to move on to other popular topics like “Activists” Y “Love Song” in the middle of the show that maintained high energy in the Bellavista neighborhood venue.

“We had high hopes of returning., Recently we have been including Chile more frequently in our development and in our goals and I think today was a night that is going to make a big difference., because I think the show was growing, there was participation, there was dancing, there was time to chat too, There was time to laugh and I think that makes it special.”, added the vocalist after the presentation.

The classic “¡¡Dale, go Nonpa!!” was also present for several moments, showing the public's affection for the band's dedication on stage.

At the end they played their main hits that finally made the Metronome Hall explode like “In the air”, “Your presence”, “Where Are You Running?” Y “The flower”, putting the Nonpa seal on an unforgettable session with the promise of a soon return.