Maxi Vargas confirmed in prominent festivals in Europe

A few days ago we received this great news: and consolidated the Chilean singer Maxi Vargas will be the only national representative at Rototom Sunsplash Festival, the most important stage of Reggae in Europe and one of the most important around the globe.

This time, Maxi Vargas participation will take place in the framework of a tour of Spain and the United Kingdom, under the initiative Chilean Ambassadors, export project of national artists during the month of August is on his third promotional incursion into northern hemisphere, Chilean artist leading the big stage of the old continent, such as Rototom Sunsplash festivals and Boomtown Fair 2017, the latter one of the most important UK.

In an exclusive conversation with Reggae Chalice, Talca the native singer said he was "very grateful to the circumstances and now. I think it's very positive for the job I'm doing for so long part of such festivals are very massive, and many people will give much to talk, So for any reggae artist it is important to be there and mark presence ".

He added: "I would love to be many more, this time I'm, in the future I hope will be many more Chileans that may arise in this tremendous festival ".

Maxi does not rest trusted. It supports auto high level of demand and recognizes that costs enjoy moments. his expectation: respond to the challenge. "I'm always thinking about the job works well, standing out the best possible, in this case, what we can deliver as music and that I am focused primarily. This instance is given at a good time, I think I'm more relaxed to enjoy what will be the tour but also to make it the name of Maxi stopped Vargas in Europe and to realize in the future, more and better opportunities for participation in festivals there ".

Chilean Reggae Ambassador It is an initiative led by Diego Mardones, musician and cultural manager also at the head of the specialized management agency which is called "Reggae bands ". Mardones, current drummer of the band Aflora, It takes three years working to consolidate a management and promotion of Reggae.

Non Stop Reggae. In addition to the work already done by Mardones, which he led to a tour where he first Maxi Vargas will perform on the old continent, already it has several initiatives in the pipeline. "At the national level, There are projects in close collaboration with some artists and whose information will be released during the second half of this year. As for the international, the effort made on this trip with Maxi Vargas seeks to generate diverse and relevant content, enabling make Chilean Ambassadors a platform recognized abroad, with photographic and audiovisual support significant, allowing go gradually overcoming the barriers that are in the export of independent reggae Chile ", appropriated to Reggae Chalice.

For now, -once the featured vocalist national artist Gondwana- It is working on different projects simultaneously: just released the video for "Good Music" a work in combination with the Beat Elixir group already has more than 300 thousand copies; in a couple of weeks will release the video for "Hay Amores", single part of his second and latest album "Reggae Music". He also announced that soon introduce a new combination, dancehall together with Boomer, so too, a new single that these days is already performing live with his band.

"I am many things, much investment of time, so on one hand I have tired but otherwise I injected energy, It is very ambiguous, but I have very happy ", Maxi said Vargas.

Finally, in tune with the spirit of Chilean Ambassadors, Maxi Vargas will be in a few days touring Europe with special training, which it has the support of prominent MC and percussionist of the band Kitra Latin / rock / reggae Mr. Quickman R7; Marcelo Figueroa and with Mauricio Chavez, both members of the emerging and promising band Melissa.

While new tour announcements are expected within the next few days, dates already confirmed are:

12 of August / Fox&Firkin – London – UK

13 of August / Boomtown Fair – Hampshire – UK

16 of August / Rototom Sunsplash – Benicassim – Spain