Kabaka Pyramid Debuts In Production With Their First One Riddim

Known for his powerful lyrics, for being an advocate and voice for equal rights, reggae singer Kabaka Pyramid made his debut as a producer with the premiere of his first one riddim, “Victory Rock Riddim”, which features the participation of renowned dancehall reggae artists while incorporating new talents from Jamaican music.

Announced by the media in early March, throughout the month the artist -who in a live a few days ago said that he did not want to record his own version of the riddim so that the focus was on his capacity as producer-, has been showing on his Instagram account each of the 14 versions, and that were finally published by all digital platforms in the past 9 of April.

In an interview with the local Jamaican newspaper The Star, Kabaka Pyramid said they were 3 years of meticulous work on this, su primer one riddim, and it took the necessary time to launch it so that the project had the greatest possible attention and diffusion. further, the artist joined the sayings issued by renowned producer Jordan McClure (Chimny Records) who two months ago called to resume the culture of one riddim in Jamaica since since 2015 this characteristic musical product of the culture has declined considerably.

“I think we have to go back to supporting the one riddim because if you think about it, once the riddim hits, everyone has a hit”, dijo Kabaka Pyramid a The Star, adding that some of the best Jamaican riddims have been produced under the concept of one riddim, como “Buzz rhythm” o el “Tropical Escape rhythm”.

Produced by Kabaka Pyramid and Genius T under the Bebble Rock Music label, "Victory Rock Riddim" is now available at Spotify and on all digital platforms, and has versions of Alaine, Romain Virgo, Gentleman & Christopher Martin, Pressure Busspipe, Irie Souljah, Bugle, StoneBwoy, Medisun, Christopher Martin with a cover by Eryka Badu, D-Major, IYAZ, Nattali Rize ft. Minors, Kumar Y Analea Brown.