Jah Sito and his battery of premieres for this 2021

April has just ended and the Chilean artist Jah Sito has already released 4 new productions in these 4 months. A beginning of the year full of musical energy, new creations and re-editing of songs that were not previously published but that it was time to bring them to light. A) Yes, the singer who professes the faith of life Rastafari promises a battery of premieres for this 2021 and a trip to the north of the American continent.

Maybe”Is his most recent premiere, a melodic reggae and at the same time nostalgic, a love and heartbreak song that he released two weeks ago and that he had in a folder ago 5 years. The song, whose composition was made while the singer was based in New Zealand, was recorded in Chile at Castillo Sonoro with engineer Matías Malinarich. "Jah's times are mysterious and his release time was precisely now", comments Jah Sito in conversation with Reggae Chalice.

Anteriormente a “Maybe”, Jah Sito had already been surprising with his productions with video clips under the direction of Eloahim Ra, as is the case of "Keep On Standing”, a Rastafarian high-fire reggae released in early March; O "Please My Baby”, a combination with the Chilean artist Roots Moe on an urban dancehall rhythm full of Caribbean flavor. further, In between, the artist premiered a studio session with a band, a live show which was recorded during the period of confinement in May 2020 and that was carried out in the Castillo Sonoro studio in Santiago.

It should be noted that the artist has been working under his own musical label "Mighty Music Records" in conjunction with Victor Velásquez., who has always been supporting their projects; Meanwhile he mastering under the hand of Mirko Polic and Chalo G. "It's a label of music, where we do riddims productions, we produce other artists and we work on Jah Sito's project ", he explained.

And if that was not enough, two weeks after the release of "Maybe", Jah Sito is already preparing for a new premiere in the coming days. “I Wanna Know”Is the name of what he will present soon, a combination with Pancho B Jah, under a dancehall urban dembow.

Already for the second semester Jah Sito projects big plans, "Continue to release new singles and have albums for this year available on spotify and all digital platforms", asserted. His plotted path will be to compile all of this year's work under two albums and travel to the United States in July or August., where he will have live shows of which he is fine-tuning details. further, will record video clips and new songs in that northern country.