Former singer of Born Jamericans, Edley Shine, releases first single of the year “Billi”’

Edley Shine, aka “Da Big Voice”, returns with his first release of 2023: "Whereas". With this new production, the legendary artist looks to both win over his storied audience as well as reach out to Jamaica and a young generation of Caribbean music fans who enjoy the new influences of trap with dancehall and its derivatives.

Produced by his collaborator and music creator Roe Summerz, “Whereas” is aimed at further consolidating Shine as a solo artist and as a brand. The artist has worked on music for more than 30 years, and he's earned the rights to see his name on the marquee.

“My expectations for Whereas is to have a song with an updated sound that still appeals to my core fan base. The term Whereas can be interpreted in different ways depending on where you are from. But, for me, It just means I'm unlimited” when it comes to resources and creativity in music. I've been making music since the years 90, making it a lifelong passion. I hope these songs add to the legacy in a positive way.”, Shine told the Jamaican newspaper, Jamaica Observer.