The return of Jah9 with “Open Heart”

After starting a new life in East Africa, Jah9 returns to music collecting life lessons and rescuing African culture in his new single “Open Heart”, song released at the end of May through VP Records.

The soul reggae track, produced by Iotosh, shines with a jazz-influenced horn section as the singer-songwriter cycles through positive affirmations, throwing doubts and resentments along the way. She consciously sculpts her life from the raw materials of her mind. (courage, vision, wisdom) Y, at the same time, focus your desires and achieve them. In “Open Heart”, Jah9 releases the tension of negative self-talk.

Directed by Ash Brush, music video follows Jah9 through his new home in Tanzania, presenting rich scenes in lush landscapes, outfit, accessories, vivid colors and East African symbolism.

“‘Open Heart’ initially started out as 'Focused Mind', an affirmation that became a reflection and ultimately became a celebration of personal growth”, He said Jah9 in a press release, adding that “when conceptualizing the images of the song, it became clear that 'Open Heart’ perfectly captures the essence of the sounds and images that accompany this powerful intention”.

It should be noted that while he was releasing his previous album Note to Self in Ethiopia, the pandemic hit and instead of returning to Jamaica, Jah9 decided to stay in East Africa. Later he moved to Tanzania where she received what she describes as a “divine call” and settled there.

Last 29 In May, the artist also returned to the stage in a unique show at the City Splash Festival in London, their first live performance in three years, next to the dub master Hopeton “Scientist” Brown with whom you are preparing a job that you will show on your social networks. further, the artist held an interview with ONStage TV and will have a round of questions and answer Live on Instagram and Facebook.

Jah9 Open Heart