Jojoman's dancehall: of the dance, justice and human rights

More of 15 years in music, 3 studio records, a trip to jamaica, and a varied amount of combinations with artists from the island is part of the curriculum of the Chilean Jojoman, who these days promotes his most recent premiere “Do It Remix”, version in which he recruited the outstanding dancehall dancer Latonya and who has also made several forays into singing.

Known in the Chilean scene for his dancehall style, Jojoman's musical spectrum is much broader and so is his message, where it addresses issues of high social criticism against the system, against abuse, against the power that oppresses the peoples, and where at the same time he expresses his call to find an alternative path to what the system offers you.

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, the also percussionist musician addressed this matter and said that "I do not tolerate injustice, I internalize it a lot and from a very young age. I come from a family that suffered a lot during the dictatorship, even some relatives had to escape abroad, so I always grew up with the issue of human rights above all things, that is why it is imperative for me to take advantage of music to report when these things happen, that happen all the time and everywhere ".

To their 35 years, Jojoman, better known as Canis Major, take a positive look at what this musical path has been, sweet and sour, but where he has a lot to value regarding what he has achieved and the incursion that his passage through Jamaica has generated, trip you made in the year 2018 with prominent DJ Pensativo, and where he was able to materialize several projects that he had already been working on.

“Recording in Jamaica is undoubtedly a personal growth that I internalize with great gratitude and transform it into an experience.. Just being there among great artists that you admire, prompts you to do your best ", Jojoman expressed.

Some of the productions he made on his trip to the island were “WUYB" with Esco, “Bounce It Gyal" with Lahba, “Keep Forward”, “Rise and Shine" with Digital Sham, “Happiness”, “I´ll Rock U Body”, “Stop & Go”, the last three produced by Advance Recordz, Jamaican label currently working with artists like Skillibeng, Gyptian, Intense, y Tarrus Riley, to name a few.

With these productions he has managed to break the language barrier in Jamaica and they have been reproduced by selectors at parties -before the pandemic-, thus also his bond with the Latonya has helped his music to be used by dancers. Jojoman recalls that in a note published by the local newspaper Jamaica Star, his name is recorded as the only foreign artist in the “Ziki Riddim“, production made by Latonya where Jojoman participates with his own version.

"Do It Remix" and its link with Latonya Style

It was at the beginning of April that Jojoman a.k.a Canis Major released their latest music video about Do It Remix, in an audiovisual production where the most outstanding dancehall dancers from Chile participate and where he managed to incorporate Latonya into singing.

The Jamaican has built her career under the concept of Stylish Moves, and in addition to having its own academy, Dance JA, He also works on projects to promote artists under the Talent PR Jamaica brand.

The link between Jojoman and Latonya dates back to a couple of years ago, when the dancer came to Chile for the second time under a dancehall workshop organized by LatinJa Producciones, instance in which he took advantage of promoting his artist R-Tadax. Both were in Chile and on that occasion Jojoman recorded a combination with R-Tadax. Later, the Chilean was invited to participate in the Ziki Riddim, production driven by Latonya where she also recorded her own version.

Jojoman is also known for his collaborations with the different crews of dancehall dancers in Chile.. A) Yes, on “Do It” the duo Santitas Killah created a passage for the song under Stylish Moves, which motivated Latonya to quickly accept the invitation to participate in this Remix now with her voice.

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, the Jamaican dancer reported that her interest in singing has always been, “Since high school when I joined one of Jamaica's largest performing arts companies called Ashe”, where he trained in music performance, dance and theater.

Anju Blaxx was the first producer to recruit her as a singer and recorded for the RepJa Riddim in 2009 with “Hard Fi Get”. Also Latonya did an introduction and vocal supports for artists like Tarnado, Munga Honorable, Di Apprentice y Burning Cry.

Latonya maintains a strong bond with Chile, both from the plane of dance, with Santitas Killah and LatinJA Producciones, as well as from singing with Canis Major (Jojoman). About this musical relationship with the Chilean, the dancer said that “I have always admired her work, especially since he mentions my dance moves in his songs”.

“I was very honored and excited to participate in this song.. I think Jojoman is amazing, a great vocalist, lyricist and interpreter. His music is always a reflection of Jamaican culture and his voice is hardcore and strong, which makes it true to the Dancehall sound ", Latonya finished.

After this premiere, Jojoman continues with his constant work hand in hand with Goodman Music and also with M20 Estudios with the engineer Matías Malinarich. While he remains expectant of his productions that are paused on the island regarding the pandemic, your goal is to continue creating, writing, recording and delivering your festive message and also mindful in upcoming songs.