From Hawaii to South America: Mike Love's revolutionary reggae debuts in Santiago

The artist will be in Chile for the first time

The artist from Oahu will perform this Friday at the Underground Club.

A very particular style is the one that the Hawaiian singer has developed over the years. Mike Love, who is touring South America and this 30 of September will show his revolutionary reggae for the first time in Santiago.

And it is that the one born on the island of Oahu, the most populous of the Hawaiian archipelago and home to its capital Honolulu, developed a very striking way of making music.

proccedent from a musicians' family, Love, who does not have formal music studies, began playing the guitar in his teens, then he led the band Dubkonscious and participated as a composer, arranger and also producer on the band's album At the Foot of the Mountain.

After these experiences he began to outline his own style, something like that we could define as a “one man band”, using -besides his guitar- pedals, bucles, multiple instruments and a variety of different vocal techniques and musical styles to create a full, stage-filling sound.

apart from the shape, the content of his music is also particular, well it is based on reggae and rastafarian messages, merging at the same time classic and progressive rock, el soul, the blues, the flamenco, el jazz, classical music, among other.

“I started thinking of new creative ways to make long shows interesting with only one musician on stage.I started using a loop pedal to record loops live. beatboxing, bass lines, rhythm parts, harmonies, all i had to do to keep it interesting and unique, but true to myself and my musical message. That's when people really started paying attention to what he was doing.”, assured the musician in his own biography.

Likewise, the singer admitted that reggae and rastafari are the basis of his message and the focus of his music.

“Reggae music became the focus of my journey at a very important point in my life.. I was going through a spiritual awakening and reggae talked about everything that was going on.It is a music full of love, revolution, freedom of thought and strength.Even when I started weaving all my influences into my music, I have always kept the spirit of the reggae and Rastafarian message in everything I do”, Mike Love said in an interview a few years ago.

With three studio albums released –The Change I’m Seeking (2012), Love Will Find a Way (2015) Y Love Overflowing (2016)- and preparing his fourth production, Mike Love went viral with his hit song Permanent Holiday, more than 33 millions of views on YouTube and others 15 million on spotify, making himself known to the world with his particular style.

A) Yes, with many years of experience, The Hawaiian musician arrives to perform this Friday 30 September at Club Subterraneo, located in Orrego Luco 46, in providence, whose tickets can be purchased through the system Passline.

Opening the fireworks of the day will be with all his cumbia reggae the great Juanito Ayala, while native roots will come with a selection of vinyl.