Chile woke up: Aitue's message on her new single

“Blindfolded” is the name of the new single by the Chilean band Aitue, Reggae group from Los Andes who, through their most recent production, seek to express social unrest against the prevailing system and whose video clip is now available on their YouTube channel.

With this video clip the band seeks to convey that the people of Chile woke up after years of a long social lethargy, a people now vigilant and attentive to the fact that the citizen demands expressed since October 2019 To the date, become reality.

The musical production of the song was in charge of Instinto Music, local label that is working together with Aitue on the presentation of their first EP “Mi revolu”, album that these young musicians who love urban sounds and black music are making known in a fragmented way, after having released the first single “Un little bit of hope” and now the second single, "Blindfolded", that for this musical group has a very special meaning.

"This issue is born of the discontent and the deep malaise we feel for this social system, political and economic that ultimately rules the world at large. What we try to show is that we are no longer the same as before, that's why we take off the bandages. We see, we observe, we feel the things that are wrong and we get tired of putting up with them ", voiced the bassist of Aitue, Juan Francisco Herrera.

About the video clip produced by 24 Films and that was recorded mainly in the city of Los Andes, the musician commented that “we were extremely happy because we managed to capture everything we wanted, show simplicity, naturalness and obviously the discontent of the people, what we think was achieved. Our idea was to record ordinary people, of different ages, genders, professions and jobs, all to communicate that we are no longer the same ".

"Blindfolded", the second track from Aitue's first EP, It is also available on Spotify and on the different digital music platforms.

Source: Press release / RC team