Advances project that allows to grow up to five marijuana plants

An important step was taken in Congress by the so-called Project“anti-narcotics” that is processed in Congress, among other things, amends the controversial law 20.000 of drugs and aims to end the absurd criminalization of cannabis users.

The Senate Committee on Public Safety approved with 4 votes and 1 against an indication of this initiative that allows cultivation outdoors -in soil or pot- of up to 5 plants by home and also a planting area of 2 square meters inside, in addition to holding up to 500 grams of dried flowers –buds- and the size up to 40 grams.

The article 8° bis of the draft, the one that was approved and establishes the amounts mentioned before, details that “whoever has, pose the possession of cannabis, in a number equal to or less than that provided (…) it will be understood that you do it for purposes of personal use or consumption, exclusive and close in time, Or in her case, intended for medical treatment”.

and it's more, The article also states that “in the event that said number indicated in the preceding table is exceeded, this shall not constitute a presumption of criminal liability, the destination of the plant or substance must be accredited in accordance with the general rules” of the law.

This is momentous, well ends with the criminal persecution currently suffered by cannabis users and the work of the Prosecutor's Office and the police will have to focus on trafficking.

It is also important to consider that although the project has several indications, The approval of the aforementioned article is the heart of the initiative because in this way the drug law will be able to distinguish between users and traffickers, protecting cannabis growers for personal use, whether this doctor, recreational or sacramental.

in your next session, the Public Security Commission must finish voting on the bill's indications and after this the initiative would be in a position to be voted on in the full Senate.

There its approval will be complicated by the distribution of political forces, since the opposition (Chile Let's Go and Republicans) has half of the parliamentarians, 25, while the ruling party -I approve of Dignity and Democratic Socialism- only has 19 votes, while of the 6 remainder, 5 are from the DC and 1 Independent.